After much Anticipation, and without Relish, the Ketchup & Mustard finally release both their #1 Recruit, and a Tamper-proof Capper of an apology on another meaty matter

Seantrel, you are now free to move about the Country.

After weeks of speculation, usc has finally granted freedom to their Top recruit, 295-lb. Offensive Tackle Seantrel Henderson.  Henderson, who is only slightly smaller than Henderson, Nevada, will now be looking at Miami and Ohio State as alrenative, stop-over  destinations, on his way to the NFL.

Henderson could still be “lured” back to u$c, but it is unlikely, since if he still wanted to go to sc, he would already be enrolled.  Seantrel, the #1 OT in the Nation, had said all along that the possibility of sanctions was extremely troubling.  That’s why he waited before he formally committed in the first place.  But he did choose sc… after Lane Kiffin allegedly assured him that there would be no Bowl Ban.  And now that there IS a Bowl Ban, and now that he knows Kiffin is full of it, Henderson apparently wants out. 

But usc did not have to let Henderson leave.  They could have refused to sign his release, or they could have RESTRICTED his release to teams outside of the Pac-10.  They could have even barred him from attending any school on sc’s schedule.  But Kiffin and Co. gave Henderson Carte Blanche to do anything he wants.

Some say that Kiffin is a “Class Act,” by not extorting the kid to be a trojan.  But really, Kiffin is just trying to cultivate an image.  Right now, usc is an extremely undesirable place to play, and Kiffin is trying to create a feel-good atmosphere to change that.  And so far, it isn’t working — Kiffin has already lost 3 players — including a Safety who announced his imminent departure on Wednesday night — with two more rumored to be shopping around their talents.  Of course, rumors are usually b.s., like the one that appeared yesterday saying that Mitch Mustain was bailing for Tennessee.  That rumor was apparently set in motion by the other ex-trojan who left for Nashville, but it seems like all he learned at sc was how to lie through his teeth.

One of the bigger lies to come out of sc recently was the accusation that five schools had illegally tampered with Freshman Dillon Baxter.  usc formally complained to the NCAA that Florida, Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon, and Washington all contacted Baxter after the sanctions — in violation of NCAA Rules.

The schools unanimously denied the charges, and yesterday they were all vindicated, when usc officially apologized for the FALSE accusations.  SO… WHO LIED??  Was it Dillon Baxter, an incoming Freshman Running Back who has been hailed as sc’s next Reggie Bush?  Well, if it was Baxter, he already has a head start on being a two-faced scumbag  just like his role model.  Because the only reason he would make that up would be for LEVERAGE against usc.  In other words, he was blackmailing usc for MORE illegal inducements, or he would bolt to these other schools who are showing intense interest. 

If it wasn’t Baxter, was it someone in the trojan Athletic Department?  Did they just make it up, because they were so distraught over the sanctions?  And how does it get to the “formal complaint” stage, when it is all based on a total fabrication?  Didn’t the culprit realize that the bogus allegations would come back to bite them on the ass?  Of course he would — That’s why Baxter is the much more-likely perpetrator.      

 And finally, a note on a non-story that some OTHER trojan-haters will try to spin into a big deal:  Kiffin approached Tennessee this week with an offer for usc to play against the Volunteers in 2011.  The Vols DECLINED Kiffin’s invitation, but not for the LOGICAL, “screw-Kiffin” reason that would make for a good article.  The real reason is that the Tennessee schedule is already full for 2011.  Supposedly, they will consider adding sc to the 2012 schedule instead.  So this is NOT the in-your-face snub that Kiffin and usc deserve.

On the other hand, maybe the Vols are just saying all the right things to the Media, but in actuality, REALLY ARE blowing off Kiffin, with intent.  I guess we won’t know for sure until next year, when the 2012 schedules are set… if Kiffin is still at usc, that is.