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You wanted the best, you got the best — The hottest band in the world…

Okay, so I got carried away.  It’s not a KISS pictorial, although it is always best to “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”  Or was that “Knights In Satan’s Service?”  Whatever, Beth.  Now it’s time for YOU to get carried away…  (click on “continue reading” for a shipload of new cheerleader photos).


Photo #2  (Sorry, no time for captions tonight).


















#20, and last one for tonight.


4 responses to “KEEPIN’ ‘EM COMING”

  1. RR Avatar

    Woo for UCLA spirit!!
    Jamie & Kara are looking hot, Jamie especially since she dyed her hair red.
    The great part now though is that we no longer have to fret about the football team (sorry guys :[ ) and bank on only the spirit squad because BASKETBALL SEASON STARTS ON WENDESDAY! 😀

  2. mark Avatar

    Well done again T-H. One request though.

    How about shaking things up a bit sometime. I dont know anyone that doesnt love the PICTURES. But how about some VIDEO? Most digital cameras have a video feature these days. The routine at the alumni lot or some at the game would be great. They only have one more home game left. So maybe then? Just a suggestion. Keep up the fantastic work.

  3. J Avatar

    Great smile on #11. Thanks.

  4. Quinn Avatar

    BRIANNA, the girl of my dreams! Thanks for the pics. Keep up the good work.