(UCL)A-Wow:  Here’s the Situation — I promised you s’more UCLA Dance Team photos, so here are 20, most in Football jerseys;  Orange you glad they don’t look (or act) like Snooki?

I hate Reality TV.  I hate no-talent thugs and sluts masquerading as TV Stars.  So obviously, I hate “Jersey Shore.”  It makes me hate New Jersey.  I already hated Springsteen.  I like Jon Bon Jovi (whom I worked with on “Ally McBeal”), but I hate his music, and I hate the fact that some people categorize his music as “Classic Hard Rock.”  I hate that the cable music rock channel plays Springsteen or Bon Jovi (and even worse, Billy Joel) every ten minutes.   See?  It’s not just trojans that I hate.  I’m an equal opportunity sociopath.

You know what else I hate?  I hate people who break promises.  And yesterday, after posting a huge pictorial with NO photos of the UCLA Dance Team, I promised to rectify that today.  So for all you Guido’s and Guidette’s, and for anyone else who’s paying attention, and would have written in wondering what happened if I didn’t follow through, here are 20 more brand new photos of the Dance Team, taken on Saturday at the Rose Bowl.

These pics are also dedicated to all my Stoner friends who forgot to vote yesterday.  At least the anti-whacking, anti-waxing, anti-amendment, Evolution-denying, non-witch didn’t win either.  And for any Conservatives who might be upset by that comment, it’s not about her affiliation — It’s about her IQ.  And speaking of IQ, ex-trojan Petros Papadakis makes her look like a genius — Did you hear him talking about how great the UCLA Defense was performing… as they were in the process of giving up 583 yards of Total Offense by missing about 100 tackles?  That will teach me to leave the sound on while watching the replay.  Maybe I’m the one who needs the IQ boost.

Speaking of boosts, here are 20 shots that ought to boost your spirits, even if this week’s  Football games, Baseball games, and elections didn’t go your way.