Jenna-Rah-City:  Jenna on the recruiting trail for UCLA.

The UCLA Spirit Squad has given, given, and given — April 11th is your chance to give something back, while THEY give even more

You’re going to think that you’re in Heaven.  You’re going to open your eyes, and you’ll be surrounded by the best-looking co-eds in the World.  For a moment, you will almost relate to the extremists and their dreams of 72 virgins, but then you will realize the obvious:  There is no way that these girls are… 72 strong.

No, there are less than 20, but 20 x 10 (as in a scale of 1-to-10) equals 200, so the overwhelming beauty will still be enveloping.  But it’s not Heaven, and you’re not dead.  In fact, you’ve never felt more alive, as the young, full-of-life students mingle with you, and thank you for your support.  It does sound like a dream.

But you can make it a reality.  On Sunday, April 11th, the UCLA Spirit Squad is hosting their Fan Reception from 4p to 6p at the James West Center on campus.  The “keynote speakers” are Rick Neuheisel and Norm Chow, and “heavy” hors d’oeuvres will be served.  But if you are a big fan of this site, then Neuheisel, Chow, and the appetizers are not the main course.  The reason why you can’t miss this event is that you get to hang out with the Cheerleaders for a couple of hours, with photo ops galore, and something of a chance to briefly “get to know” the girls who have been leading your loyal cheers.

For true UCLA Spirit Squad fans, you simply cannot write off this event… but you CAN write it off your taxes.  A large portion of the “donation” to get in IS tax-deductible. 

To check out the details and RSVP, click here: .

When you are done RSVP-ing, come back here to enjoy the following:  A little 22-pic preview of who you will be partying with on Sunday. 

Jenna may be a natural beauty, but Josephine Bruin requires financial support to keep her coat shiny.

I’d sign a petition to “Save the Dragons and Unicorns” if Rachel were the one collecting signatures.

Mollie doesn’t allow pigtails — I’m glad bangs aren’t on the banned list.

You can’t spell “Nikki” without two CAPITAL “eyes.”

With Brianna, there is so much to compliment… right down to the shape of her eyebrows.

If you get to talk to JUST Katie, your Afternoon would be totally worthwhile right there.

About now, reader “BL” is thinking:  “Where is the Cheer Squad?”

Okay BL, here comes some pics that include Cheer Squad, including this “integrated” shot.

Wherever she goes, there are guys applauding.

“Go Butler!”

Can’t have Fear of Heights in this gig.

Is Lindsay the under-represented Cheerleader that has “BL” dissatisfied?

And she stuck the landing like Kerri Strug.

And here’s one of my faves of Caitlin.  By any chance, BL, is it a GUY that you want to see more of?

BS walks, but the Cheer Squad ROX!

Maya’s namesake took UConn to the NCAA Women’s Finals, where Stanford will take a crack at that 77-game winning streak.

Congrats to UCLA Gymnastics, who won the 2010 Pac-10 Title this past week.

Bruin Sophomore Vanessa Zamarripa won the individual All-Around Title.

Bruin Anna Li got a Perfect 10 on the Uneven Bars, to help the Bruins beat out Stanford for 1st Place.

The Bruins Gymnastics team hosts the NCAA Regionals at Pauley this Saturday night at 6pm… and the Spirit Squad will be there too.

Big Gymnastics supporter John Wooden may even attend, as the #3 Bruins go for another National Championship.

Last one for today, but the Countdown will continue tomorrow.  As of now:  6 days left before the Reception