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Buried Treasure — Three years ago I had the honor of taking photos of the UCLA Dance Team’s beautiful Jane at the Miss Teen CaliforniaUSA Pageant, but I didn’t know it was her until just now

I always knew that the UCLA Spirit Squad is made up of the most beautiful girls in California (and in the World), and now I have some more proof.  In 2012, the UCLA Dance Team’s Jane made the Finals of the Miss Teen CaliforniaUSA pageant, and just by total coincidence, I was there to photograph it.  Even as an Official Judge on the UCLA Spirit Squad Selection Committee that twice voted Jane onto the Dance Team, I had no idea that I had seen her before, let alone snapped 30 lovely photographs of her.

In early 2012, I traveled all the way to Palm Desert, to support former UCLA Dance Teamer Katie (Wee) Keefe, who during that weekend made the Finals of the Miss CaliforniaUSA Pageant.  Little did I know that when the gorgeous Miss Teen La Habra took the stage, I was seeing a future Bruin Dance Team member!

How did I just find out?  Well, the UCLA Spirit Squad — whom you should be following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — has decided to start sharing with the public some slices of their members’ lives OUTSIDE of the squad.  Today they featured Jane, competing in this prestigious 2012 event, and honoring her for making the Finals — The Top 20 of the more than 200 contestants.

The photos they posted looked hauntingly familiar, and then it hit me like a ton of pompons — I had taken practically the exact same photos!  So I searched my vast photo archives, and found 30 shots that included Jane.  In some she is just in the background, but in many she is fully featured.  I have included all 30 in this article for your enjoyment.

[NOTE:  I am supposed to show pictures of all the girls on the squad and not solely feature one girl to the exclusion of the others, so I beg the indulgence of the powers that be, so I can share these pictures, just to pertinently add to the Spirit Squad’s OWN feature that appeared in social media today.  If anyone involved still has an issue with this, I will take down the article immediately.  But I hope everyone is tolerant and understanding of this special circumstance.  Heaven knows that I love all the squadmembers, with equal passion.]