No, not a Field Goal, but the free BBQ sandwich — And with this printable coupon, at least SOME Bruins will score this Saturday in the Rose Bowl

The UCLA Offense hasn’t scored since Labor Day, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be plenty of scoring this weekend when the Bruins face the Arizona Wildcats — at least outside Tunnel 7.  That’s where Branders BBQ will once again be redeeming the coupon below for a free small BBQ sandwich (with the purchase of a regular one)…

I have never openly promoted other stuff here like this, but I wanted to “give” something back to my loyal readers, and the free food sounded like a pretty good idea.  We got to try them out on Labor Day, and we were so pleased with the size and taste of the sandwiches, that we decided to print up coupons for this week’s game too.

So print out this page or right-click on the coupon and select “print picture,” and bring the coupon to the Rose Bowl this Saturday for your yummy treat.  It might be only enjoyable part of the game.

FREE FOOD RULES.  Just ask an Investment Banker.


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  1. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    wow, thanks for hookin’ us up T-H