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Sleepin’ like a log — Ex-trojan Joe McKnight will have plenty of time to sleep, as he  gets cut from the Jets, after announcing “they’re going to have to kill me to take away my spot.”

Former u$c Running Back Joe McKnight is a Free Agent today, after being unceremoniously dumped by the New York Jets.  McKnight has never been an NFL-caliber Running Back, but he IS definitely a good Kickoff Returner.  He has two returns for Touchdowns, including one for 107 yards.  But his on-field Special Teams prowess was not enough to overcome his off-field “Special”  trojan-ness.

McKnight has made several blunders outside of the stadium, and the Jets finally decided that enough was enough.  McKnight actually got arrested during training camp, on outstanding traffic violations.  But as you all know, getting busted is not enough to get you kicked off an NFL team.  In fact, it might be a prerequisite to MAKE a squad.  But McKnight’s screw-ups go beyond running afoul of the law…

He also FAILED the Jet’s physical conditioning test.  Of course he couldn’t just admit that he was out of shape — Instead he blamed it on dehydration.  He also failed a “mental conditioning” test of sorts, when he got in an argument with a fan on Twitter, and he challenged the guy to come meet him for a fight.  He further proved his lack of sound mind during an interview, where he gave basically one-syllable answers to a series of questions, throwing in “I’m not going to get in to that” to 7 of the 17 queries.

Finally, McKnight cemented his reputation for being a horrible representative of the franchise, when he gave a reporter his special card from the Jets that instructs players on talking points for interviews.  All of these unprofessional and immature shenanigans were too much for the Jets to take, so even though McKnight could have helped them in games, it was not worth it to have him be a member of the team.  They must have figured that he was a ticking time bomb, about to embarrass the Jets in an even more dramatic fashion.

And they are probably right — Even back at southern cal, he allegedly broke the rules, driving an expensive vehicle that he couldn’t have afforded himself, or something like that, almost getting the trojans in big trouble, while they were on double-secret probation due to Reggie Bush and family taking money and real estate while he was playing.

In the same week that McKnight got cut, ultimate trojan underachiever Matt Leinart finally got a phone call asking him to try out for a new team.  After failing at Arizona, Houston, and Oakland, Leinart this week landed a gig in Buffalo.  He only got the call because both of the Bills’ QB’s went down with injuries.  So Leinart makes the team, BUT… the Bills immediately traded for ANOTHER journeyman QB, and then signed undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel from lowly Washington State.  And just to rub Leinart’s face in his failure, the Bills have already named Tuel the Opening Day starter if the original QB isn’t recuperated by then.  It’s going to take FOUR QB INJURIES in Buffalo before Leinart sees the field.  Actually, he’ll be able to see Tuel on the field just fine, while holding a clipboard on the sidelines.


Now, as promised, here are a dozen more UCLA Cheerleader shots, taken at the celebration of the Bruins’ 109th NCAA Championship.


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  1. JC Avatar

    That makes me feel alright…

  2. UCLADal Avatar

    Screw McKnight… been a drama queen all his career. UCLA Spirit Squad all the way! GO BRUINS!