Gives new meaning to “The Strip.”

Foolin’ yourself.

This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no Foolin’ around

It MUST be April Fool’s Day, since NOBODY has pity for O.J., especially no one around here.  No one has sympathy for the imprisoned trojan hero, even though he is behind bars on HIS day.

Not only is O.J. a World-Class Fool, but he tried to make a living off of scary April Fool’s-type pranks.  In a project to be entitled “Juic’d,” Simpson was going to sneak up on people and try to scare them — without his knife, presumably, for a National TV audience.  Fortunately, fan desire for this “Punk’d” rip-off died before the show could ever air (just like the “If I Did It” book).

Instead of Executive Producing a Blockbuster Reality TV hit, O. J. is in jail, as the calendar hits the first week of April, but every week is Sweeps Week for Simpson, who is probably on dustmop duty right now.  O.J.’s corridor mop-up could be pretty challenging — Think Jodie Foster in “Silence of the Lambs.”

As it is, O.J.’s April Showers will bring the same thing that his March Showers brought — A very tight grip.

Now, YES, it’s been ages, but it’s finally time to get a grip, settle down, and enjoy some lost photos of the illustrious UCLA Dance Team and Cheer Squad.  Only a great Fool would differ.   […and you are NOT a great fool, so you can clearly not drink the wine that is in front of you….]

Is that “Two-can Sam” behind her, or am I just Loopy?”

Did you miss them?

…Me too.  They should extend the Football season by a few games.  Or maybe make it year-round.

Are you head over heels for them too?

They are definitely worth saluting, but I don’t recognize THAT one.


“Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Dancing With The Stars?”

My “American Idol.”

…being watched over by “Big Brother” (and Surviving The Amazing Race).

“Desperate Housewives.”  (Yeah, right!  Like these girls or Eva Longoria could ever be desperate).

“America’s Next Top Models.”

“The Flavr of Love.”

“Temptation Island.”

“ER.”  [Why?  Because she’s a heart-stopper, ok?]


“8 and a Half-Man.”  [It was down to that and “Wifeswap.”]


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  1. SCopper Avatar

    Awesome pictures to start to my Wed with.