A-Team Face — She’s not Howling Mad and she doesn’t have a Bad Attitude, but in 2009, SHANNON was a member of the classic UCLA Dance Team that’s always On The Jazz

This is not a re-run, it is a Box Office Blockbuster.

“Two years ago, a crack commando unit was sent to UCLA for a time to which they did commit.  These girls promptly escaped from a maximum-security blockade to the Los Angeles underground.  Today, still wanted by everyone, they survive as soldiers of fortune.  If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can admire The A-Team.”

DO-do-do-DOOOO, do-do-do.  

Today, BY REQUEST, we celebrate Shannon, a girl who helped make 2009 a banner year for the UCLA Dance Team.  Shannon is a great example of how well Mollie’s Selection Committee and Glam Squad succeed year after year in bringing in the best girls that the World has to offer, and helping them maximize their God-given beauty.

Not only is Shannon gorgeous and talented, but she’s also intelligent, a World-traveler, socially adept, mature, responsible, and sweet.  Remember, the Audition process includes in-depth interviews, so that the judges can weed out undesirables.  Mollie places a high premium on personality, and that’s why none of the squadmembers are arrogant or egotistical.  Instead, like Shannon, they are models of integrity, who are down-to-earth, pleasant, easy-going sweethearts.

And once Mollie’s Machine identifies the candidates who are truly qualified to represent the best school in the World, they make sure that the girls are able to shine to the the fullest of their potential.  In the attached portfolio, you will see several shots of Shannon at her audition.  Yes, she is already totally attractive, but I’m guessing that a team of highly-respected beauty professionals decided that bangs would be perfect to frame her face, and I cannot argue with that decision.  Shannon’s luxurious hair is one of her finest features, and I think this hairstyle really capitalizes on her first-rate follicles.

Okay, I guess that is enough WORDS.  Since pictures are worth 1000 words a piece, here are 25,000 words worth of photos, all highlighting Shannon, during her way-too-short stint on the UCLA Dance Team.  And like I said, this is NOT a re-run — ALL 25 of these pics have NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE, and, they offer a couple of new glimpses of Katie and Brianna, which I’m sure will please a few of my long-time readers.  Feel free to COMMENT positively on the article, or at least, CLICK THE “LIKE” BUTTON at the top of the article, to show your approval.  And if you are REALLY overwhelmed, you can e-mail me — I have 200 more Shannon Shots that have never been published, which I can send to you if you like (at no charge, of course).



  1. Sparky Avatar

    Can we start a campaign to make sure Mollie & her staff never retire?????? Granted, they have some of the most beautiful women in the world show up at auditions. But Mollie & crew prove again and again that they certainly have the touch!