Splenda in the Grass:  There is no sugar-coating the last two games for the decaying Bruins, but the syrupy-sweet UCLA Spirit Squad can still satisfy your sweet tooth, and fill up your emotional cavity

The Bruins have gotten pancaked two weeks in a row, but for some of us, our loyalty will never waffle, or (i)hop away.  Even with another team coming in that UCLA doesn’t Equal, this sour patch cannot cane the Spirit out of us.  So, in honor of the die-hards with sticky fingers who will never let go of their UCLA allegiance, even with Starting QB Kevin Prince OUT FOR THE YEAR after undergoing knee surgery on Saturday, here are 26 more, never-seen-before photos of the UCLA Dance Team and Cheer Squad, doing what they do best — Keeping the faith, and keeping us coming back for more.

[Don’t forget:  You can click on the pics to ENLARGE them to full-screen size, and e-mail me if you want to purchase the original, gigantic, full-sized versions, which are FIVE TIMES LARGER than these.]