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Introducing the new Trojan-Haters’ MASCOT.  Would you like to take her out for a spin?

Unbeknownst to her, this barely legal model has won the Trojan-Haters’ Mascot Contest, and will now start to grace these pages on an ongoing basis.  You think I should tell her?  She was the only entrant in the contest, but I still think she deserves congratulations.  I welcome your COMMENTS, but only positive ones, please.

And if you are interested in meeting or hiring this luscious, pristine, little sweetie, contact me, as I will be representing her.  I am withholding her name for now, but just know that she is tiny (like 4’9″, 90lbs), bubbly (like Don Ho but not a ho), and (like Tigger:) fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.  The more good feedback I get, the more photos I will post, and yes, there are bikini shots coming down the pipeline.

 Please let me know what you think, and, BE NICE.  She is my FRIEND!

There are a LOT more where this came from…

"HI, TROJAN-HATERS" was published on July 13th, 2009 and is listed in Non-Rivalry News.

Comments on "HI, TROJAN-HATERS": 7 Comments

  1. SCopper wrote,

    Nice! Expect an email from me soon.

  2. Robert wrote,

    She’s a doll, if she likes older men (43) then I hope to be the lucky winner of a date with her…but I will NOT pay for it however…hommie don’t play dat!

    [T-H’s Note: When I said “hiring her,” I meant as a model or actress, not as a sex partner (although it IS a fine line). And she DOES like TALL guys, but at 43, she’d probably be more interested in your kids than in you!]

  3. UCLADal wrote,

    Welcome and a GO BRUNS! to Miss Trojan-Hater! Hate On!

  4. RR wrote,

    LOL @ Robert. Sorry man just made me laugh.

    About time Trojan Haters got a mascot, a fine one at that.

  5. The tide is turning wrote,

    Give me a “D”, give me an “I”, give me a “V”, give me an “O”, give me an “R”, …

  6. Robert wrote,

    Hey now Mr. T-H, you should be more specific next time when playing the PIMP role…and besides I was just kidding, I got my own lady that turns many heads, if you know what I’m saying – wink – wink…geez whiz T-H… relax!

  7. Robert wrote,

    One more thing, she likes tall guys? well, at 4’9″ I think I would qualify as a tall guy next to her since I’m 5’8 1/4″ tall – LOL sorry I couldn’t resist myself LOL

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