After a weekend of exciting finishes, it’s time to decompress

How much can one heart take?

After UCLA lost a heartbreaker on Saturday, as did #1 Oklahoma, #3 Missouri, #4 LSU (sort of), and Michigan, the NFL did its part to complete the weekend in exciting style.  Almost half the games on Sunday went down to the final seconds.

The most stunning was the Bears-Falcons game, where Chicago took the lead with 11 seconds left, but lost it on an Atlanta Field Goal as time expired.

The Cowboys lost in OT at Arizona, on a blocked punt, with the Cardinals getting a big Sack from Bruin D-back Matt Ware,  and Detroit stayed winless when Minnesota’s last-second Field Goal, held by Bruin Chris Kluwe, gave them the win.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, who are coached by ex-trojan Jack Del Rio, got all of their TD’s from Bruins, as they went into Denver and won, 24-17.  The Jags got two TD’s from Maurice Jones-Drew, and another TD from Marcedes Lewis, in front of a hostile Denver crowd.

 And one game that wasn’t close was the San Diego-New England game on Sunday Night, because Pat QB Matt Cassel, the ex-trojan, just couldn’t perform up to NFL standards.

And speaking of performing up to standards, here are a whole bunch of junior achievers, from the recent Fresno State game.

I think this is why I bought a camera in the first place.

Ya gotta love photo-finishes.

Did you think it was going to be a one-woman show?

Setting the TONE.

This one has the much-deserved applause BUILT IN.

The Heart of the Matter.

Heart and Soul

Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart

Don’t go draggin’ my heart around

I left my heart… in Pasadena

Sheeeeeeeeer Heart Attack

Eye Heart UCLA.

Hearts afire

Heartless… heartless

Heartbreaker, dream-maker, love-taker, dont you mess around with me.

Goodnight, and thank you to the Spirit Squad, with all of my heart, from the bottom of my heart.


5 responses to “HEART-STOPPERS”

  1. Robert Avatar

    wow, truly spectacular shots. thank you T-H

  2. J Avatar

    A bunch of savages as usual I see. Two great sets of photos and no responses.

    Well anyway good shots once again. Thanks.

  3. JP Avatar

    These are great photos. The candid dancing ones are always the best. Thanks, T-H!

  4. Robert Avatar

    To describe the beauties as “heart-stoppers” is an understatement.

  5. BIll Avatar

    wow that lisa stops my heart!