The Lakes don’t want no Flakes, and neither does Mollie, as the Spur-scalping Lakers and hair-raising Bruin Dance Team dominate for a reason.

“Bryant’s Team” shows some Nerve and breaks the Spurs’ Serve, while “My-Dance Team” shows some Verve and screws up the Curve

The Lakers are not celebrating, and neither should their fans, but Phil Jackson’s squad just went into San Antonio and earned a Game 4 victory to take a commanding 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals.

The Lakers still remember blowing a 3-1 lead to Phoenix, so they won’t be complacent when it comes time to close out the Spurs in Game 5 on Thursday night.  And they shouldn’t be, because they BARELY escaped the Alamodome with a win, and that’s despite NEVER trailing in the game, and despite taking a 7-point lead into the final minute of the game.

But because the otherwise-splendid Pau Gasol missed two clutch Free Throws, and because Kobe got a little cocky instead of running time off the clock, the Spurs had the ball, down by only 2, with 2.1 seconds left.  But Robert Horry didn’t get a chance to do what he’s famous for, and San Antonio’s “Big 3” weren’t called on either.  Instead, their Hot Hand of the Night, Brent Barry, got the ball.  Barry had already hit FIVE Three’s in the game, so defender Derek Fisher was all over him.  Barry pump-faked, the two players collided, and then Barry heaved up a prayer that wasn’t answered.  Barry looked for a foul call on Fisher, but the Refs decided that a call on Fish at that time would not be “game appropriate,” so they let it go, giving the Lakers a 93-91 win, and putting the Spurs in a deep hole.  The Lakers are undefeated at Home this Postseason, and the Spurs will now have to win TWO games at the Staples Center in order to keep the Lakers out of the NBA Finals.

And speaking of the Cream of the Crop:  Just like the Lakers, the UCLA Spirit Squad is starting to get the recognition it deserves, even across town.  While Oregon still has its supporters, the Bruins seem to get more and more [RELUCTANT] praise from the enemy than anyone else.  And since lately we’ve been concentrating on defending the sc song girls and resurrecting the Dance Team archives from a few years ago, we felt it was time for a good, old-fashioned CURRENT Dance Team pictorial that drives home The Point.  You Oregon deniers better Duck.The Lakers have tripled up on the Spurs, but Duncan and Parker will play like De-Spur-ate Househusbands now.

Even Anne Robinson couldn’t find the weakest link.

Well, the Bruins didn’t win at the Alamodome, so the Lakers made up for them.

The Resolute 6, in lower resolution.

Dispirate Treaures.

“Houston, we’ve achieved separation.”

The Spurs better get on their knees and start prayin’.

Last one for tonight, but we’ll be BACK.



  1. JP Avatar

    THANK YOU, T-H!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No doubt about it…we have the best girls IN THE NATION!!!! They are simply gorgeous!!!! Not a weak link in that group.

  2. JC Avatar

    If you go to yeungphotography[dot]com, click “sports” [then “other sports”], then “cheerleading”, there’s a pictorial of Brianna. Click “all pictures” on top and there’s over 100. You can buy the photos from the site, but you CAN”T save them to your computer. They’re copyrighted.

    [T-H’s Note: Unless you’re making a life-sized wall poster, WHY would you PAY that guy, and buy the cow, when you’re already getting the cream for free? Buy a product HERE instead, in order to keep the FREE photos coming.]

  3. UCLADal Avatar

    Epic… Epic…

    [T-H’s Note: Just to clarify — This comment is in reference to this article on THIS site, NOT the website mentioned in the comment above (That comment was not yet posted when UCLADal sent in this one).]

  4. ewc Avatar

    All but a few of those pictures are available on SI.com without the watermark.