It was a graveyard smash — In the aftermath of a painfully heartbreaking loss, I don’t even want to talk about football for a while, but I’m always happy to share more UCLA Spirit Squad photos

That’s the difference between being a fan of Sports, and being a fan of beautiful girls — In Sports, there’s always a chance that your team will lose and you will be depressed.  But with Cheerleaders, especially UCLA Cheerleaders, you are never disappointed.  The Spirit Squad never chokes, never gets complacent, never looks ahead, and never loses.  They always come prepared, with the right attitude, and ready to perform — and they have never let me down.

Here are another 59 photos from Saturday…

That’s it — I got everyone on the Dance Team and Cheer Squad labelled somewhere in today’s collection of photos.  There are still two new girls whom I can’t differentiate if they are in the back of the shot, but I’m getting better at it every day.  Please don’t hesitate to inform me if I mis-labelled anyone.  I hate making mistakes, and would really appreciate corrections.  Thanks.