Good to have Harkey and that’s no mularkey.

Happy Homecoming!

UCLA’s Offense isn’t a finely-oiled, Mean Machine, but a Craft-to-Harkey TD with 10 seconds left Sticks them past Stanford, 23-20

Rick Neuheisel’s Team of the Future is learning to win in the Present.  Down by 11 in the First Half, the Bruins came storming back, scoring three straight times to take the lead, 16-14.  But Stanford got a Field Goal to take the lead back, and another one for insurance, leaving UCLA just a couple of minutes to score a Touchdown.

After a non-productive return, Kevin Craft marched the Bruins 87 yards, with the help of a big penalty, culminating with the strike to Freshman Tight End Cory Harkey.  Craft had struggled for most of the day, getting sacked SEVEN times, and staring down and then missing several Receivers.  He didn’t have any time to go deep through progressions, as the Offensive line missed assignment after assignment.  Their Run Blocking needs work as well, as Kahlil Bell and Derrick Coleman are still looking for holes to run through.

But Craft was able to will the team to victory, by finding seveal diferent open Receivers.  Taylor Embree, Dominque Johnson, Nelson Rosario, Ryan Moya, and Terrence Austin all caught do-or-die passes on Saturday.

I just don’t have any time to go into more detail  – instead, it’s on to photos… with one final note:  The Stanford Band was awesome, doing a tribute to how usc is cheating at Football Monopoly, by taking $200,000 when passing Go, and taking free rent at all the Hotels, etc.  They even took some potshots at O.J., as well as at John McCain.  Good job, Cardinal!


No concussion:  Austin scores on an improvised shuttle pass.

Everything’s coming up Rosario.

It’s hard to blame Craft for all the tipped passes.

Craftmatic Adjustable.

Craft is showing more and more mobility, but still needs to avoid getting sacked 7 times.

Tough runner to bring down, especially if you’re not balanced and in position.

What’s with The Executioner?  Is that their new mascot?

Biggest upset EVER, embalzoned on red t-shirts.

Stanford needs more girls,  (But don’t we all?)

Finally — what you’ve all been waiting for.


Just a tease of things to come.


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    The last one is cheering and taking pictures. Multi talented! Good win.