Illegal Hit — Trojan Defensive Back James Harbin allegedly puts a woman on the Defensive, and gets arrested for Domestic Battery, becoming the second $C D-Back to get flagged for trying to injure someone this year

Somewhere out there, there is a Bail Bondsman waving a USC pennant, on his yacht.  This weekend, another trOJan had to cough up cash to cover the $20,000 bail that was required to get James Harbin out of jail.  Harbin is a Senior Walk-on Defensive Back on the U$C trojan Football team, but now his status is in jeopardy after his run-in with the Law.

Usc officials are not commenting yet, because they haven’t investigated the incident, and no details have been released yet, so we can only presume that this is just ANOTHER instance of “trojan-on-woman” violence.  But just because it was “Domestic Battery” doesn’t actually rule out a male victim.  For all we know, Harbin is a devout homosexual, who beat up his boyfriend/longtime companion/special friend, perhaps over a disagreement about the antiques used in decorating their dormroom.  And of course, there is NOTHING wrong with being Gay, or with antiquing, but there is something wrong with beating up your partner, regardless of sexual (or decorating) preference.

It’s just too bad that the partner wasn’t a Quarterback, because the SC D-backs never lay a hand on THEM.  In fact, the only D-back to inflict any damage on anyone is T.J. McDonald, the notorious cheater who is just coming off a suspension for a PATTERN of targeting opponents’ craniums with dirty, late, spearing hits.  Hopefully, Harbin wasn’t wearing his trojan helmet, which could now be considered Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Since Harbin is a Senior WALK-ON, you can’t blame Pete Carroll or Lane Kiffin for offering a scholarship to a thug.  But something about Harbin’s sparkling personality must have appealed to a trojan Coach, because they did allow him to join their fraternal order of criminals.  But maybe Harbin had a heart of gold, until spending time with the other players, finding out that trojans are above the Law, and SUCcumbing to the culture of immunity that the trojans think they deserve.

Of course, since sc owns the justice system here in town, either the D.A. will drop the charges for lack of evidence, or the victim will be “per$uaded” to drop all charges.  Threats or bribes — It doesn’t matter — Both can be extremely effective.  Then it will be up to Kiffin and Pat Haden to administer their own justice on behalf of the University — That could mean running extra laps, or even getting suspended for a meaningless game.  But mark my words — If Harbin was ever expected to contribute during the game against UCLA, he will still be out there on that night, and his partner will probably drop him off at the Coliseum, in his/her new Mercedes.

This story is just another in a long line of incidents that characterize what it means to be a trojan.  At least they’re not molesting little boys in the shower… or are they, and they’re just better at covering it up than Penn State was?  After all, Jerry Sandusky was the most famous Defensive Coordinator in the Country, next to Uncle Monte Kiffin.




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    See, you can’t compare the suc trojans to condoms – condoms protect women.

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    funny shit