What “boost?”  Instead of benefitting from the Texas loss, sc actually DROPS to #7 in the BCS Rankings

“Up the Down Staircase” anyone?

On Sunday everyone assumed that after #1 Texas had lost, #2 Alabama and #3 Penn State would take over the top spots, and Texas would fall out, allowing usc to rise.  But what actually happened was that Texas Tech’s upset of Texas launched the Red Raiders to #2 in the BCS, behind Alabama, and Texas wound up still on top of sc.  Florida’s easy win over Georgia lifted the Gators over sc too, knocking sc down to #7.

It would now take an act of God for sc to make it back to #1 or #2, and since God is NOT a trojan, it doesn’t look too good for troy. 

If you were wondering:  Despite the fact that Oregon State could conceivably lock sc out of the Rose Bowl, the Trojan-Haters Club will be rooting for the Bruins on Saturday (hoping that Cal can take care of sc [yeah, right] ).


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  1. JosephineBruin Avatar

    Beat the Beavers and go CAL!