Welcome, in a Family Way.

Forget “The Hurt Locker” — The toughest job in the World is trying to pare down to 20, the 50 or so dynamite nominees for the UCLA Spirit Squad

Welcome to the third day in a row of me leading you in a cheer of “We’re not worthy!” in honor of the highly-skilled Professionals who mold the UCLA Spirit Squad into the Nation’s Best Group of Cheerleaders and Dancers.  I understand that this is basically just me saying the same thing over and over again, but that’s how much I care about the level of excellence that Mollie & Co. have delivered for about a decade.

I cannot overemphasize how difficult it is to differentiate between so many goddesses, when you have such a limited time to see everyone and compare their skills, attitude, personality, and appearance.  So I can’t think of a better way to set up the third set of Audition Photos, than by paying tribute to the efforts of this fine group of people, and all the time and expetise that they devote to the cause.

Besides, until the Jazz gets a game against the Lakers, no one is all that excited about that Series, which L.A. now leads, 2-0.  I will say one thing about Game Two:  During Utah’s 4th  Quarter run, Jordan Farmar hit a big Three to get the lead back up to 11.  Unfortunately, right after that, he missed a shot, then committed an Offensive foul, as Utah got back to within 6 before Kobe & Co. put the game away, 111-103.

Now speaking of 11, here are 16 more photos of the event where the ELEVEN members of the next Dance Team were selected, as well as the 8 new Cheer Squad members (not counting the Male members, mascots, or Yell Leaders).  This tribute contains photos of several girls who are not among the fortunate 11 + 8, because it just goes to show how stiff the competition really was.

As always, the photos enlarge when you click them, and they reveal pop-up captions when you place (and keep replacing, if necessary) your cursor on the photo.

  Jenna is #222, as in Room 222, as in Karen Valentine, as in “Jenna, will you be my Valentine?”

  You could say that Jenna’s return is The Mane Event.

Jenna looks like the Bruins just won the Rose Bowl… and that Spirit is, in part, why she got selected again.

If “55 Saves Lives,” then “255 makes lives worth living.”

Sometimes, you just gotta take a stance.

Nice lines, Nikki.

If Francesca stays for all four years, we may be calling her “Franchise.”

Here is Alohilana, a new Dance Team member whom I haven’t really introduced to you until now.  Okay, you can say “Mahalo” now.

Tiana fits the position to a T.

This exciting young lady could be a Starter on any other team in the Country… but hopefully she’ll stay in Westwood and re-apply next year.

Leapin’ Lizards!  How do you say “No” to someone whose looks and leaps are this good?

And speaking of leaps, this graceful maneuver looks like something from The Bolshoi Ballet.

I’ll take a Leap of Faith and predict that this exotic princess will be leaping into your hearts in just a little over a year from now.

My guess is that this is the first — and last — time that this stunning young lady ever gets overlooked.

Please say hello to DANA, a new Cheer Squad member.  [It’s not just the Dance Team that had hard acts to follow, but the committee just keeps on coming through.]

Last one for today:  Here’s Chelsea, a new Cheer Squad member whom I showed you already, but is certainly worth a second glance, as she rocks Pauley with a little bit of a Mick Jagger swagger.


6 responses to “GUTTY WHITTLE BRUINS”

  1. SVCA to SCMO Avatar
    SVCA to SCMO

    Looks like the males in the audience would have been more stiff than the competition.

    [T-H’s Note: Yeah, you’re welcome for the SET-UP. I just couldn’t bring myself to be that crude, in the context of that “consoling” article.]

  2. Jake Avatar

    i bet they wonder, who’s that creepy dude taking pics of us

    [T-H’s Note: Wrong. All the regular squad members know exactly who I am. I have even given a formal, oral presentation to them at their “Boot Camp,” explaining to them the importance of The Rivalry. They all know that I am a friend of Mollie’s, and definitely a friend to the Squad. If they thought I was creepy, they wouldn’t keep writing to me, thanking me and requesting that I e-mail them photos. As for the NEW, prospective members, they wouldn’t have even NOTICED me sitting in the seats, since I was surrounded by other people, with MUCH BIGGER, MORE INTRUSIVE LENSES.]

  3. Sparky Avatar


    Ok so the more I think about it, the more I think a follow-up piece with Brianna, Katie & Elise is a great idea for you (ok and us too!). Considering they have been the heart of the most beautiful dance squad in perhaps the history of dance, they might understand why a follow-up would be desireable.

    Think about it!

  4. Mike 8:47 Avatar
    Mike 8:47

    Waiter can I get a 250/me/255 sandwich?
    The numbers in the first pic represented what?

    [T-H’s Note: Those are the 11 who MADE it. That is your new UCLA Dance Team.]

  5. Mike 8:47 Avatar
    Mike 8:47

    I’d also like a side of 222 with that sandwich 😉

  6. Robert Avatar

    The only creep here is Jake, you shouldn’t even have to explain yourself to him. Jake must be a Bruin hater, and a fan of an inferior squad called the USC Song girls. Go Bruins!!