Back in Blue — Despite taking some hits, the UCLA Spirit Squad still has zing, with 10 Returnees comprising a solid nucleus that will have fans coming back for more

Get back, pack, do it again.  Wheels turning round and round, so get back, pack, do it again. 

Here they come again. Play it again, Glam.  The Return of the Queens… aaahh, sweet continuity. 

The REIGN of the UCLA Spirit Squad will continue uninterrupted, thanks in great part to the 10 beautiful girls who have decided to give it another go-round this season.  This aritcle is a big THANK YOU Tribute to Savannah, Tiana, Nicolette, Kate, Lizzi, and Maya of the Dance Team, and Kali, Kayla, Kelly, and Sarah of the Cheer Squad, who have all successfully re-auditioned to continue their careers as members of the World Class UCLA Spirit Squad.

Seeing Nikki and Roxanne leave prematurely to attend to very important matters makes me realize how fleeting these tenures can be, and makes me no longer take the girls for granted for 4 years.  I now truly appreciate how dedicated a student must be to commit themselves to this daunting endeavor, year after year.

So thank you (!) to the Returning Ten “Comeback Kids,” each of whom is lovingly pictured below.