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Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Orkin should fumigate 70% of the Rose Bowl and try to remove the residue of Classlessness from the trOJans’ sideline/dancefloor

Why can’t people who have “been there before” ACT like they have been there before?  Thanks to the trojans’ annual choke during the Pac-10 season, they keep winding up in a consolation game in Pasadena, against an overrated Midwestern team that always comes out to LaLaLand and is overwhelmed by its surroundings.  Yet, the trojans still manage to act like buffoons in front of a National audience.

With nothing else going on, on New Year’s Day afternoon, and everyone watching, the trojans started out even with Penn State, until the Nittany Lions’ Star Tailback injured his knee.  That just signalled the beginning of the end, as sc took a 7-7 game and made it 31-7 at the Half.  PSU’s Defensive Secondary was a joke, leaving more than one Receiver wide open on every play, including on obvious passing downs.  Sanchez was good enough to hit his open targets — the hardest part was deciding WHICH open Receiver to deliver the ball to.  His numbers were impressive, but it doesn’t mean that he’s going Pro — Anyone could see that even Kevin Craft could have gotten the ball to those wide open Receivers.

As the trojans were starting to pull away in their 24-0 2nd quarter, they took full advantage of the moment to demonstrate for the World what trojan football is all about.  The trojan players all started dancing around, in an outbreak of a group hip-hop disco nation, totally showing up the players on Penn State.  It was still the first half, and the trojans were virtually pouring Gatorade on Pete Carroll, and symbolically dancing on Joe Paterno’s grave.  “Act like you’ve been there before?”  Yeah, right.

Don’t ask about anything that happened after Halftime.  “Dancing with the Stars — Trojan Style” just couldn’t keep the dial on ABC.  Not with the Volume already muted thanks to the shrill sound of the announcers repeatedly kissing Pom Pom’s ass.  The Dark Side was replaced by “The Dark Knight,” actually.  Apparently, Joe Pa’s guys didn’t quit on him.  But as not-so-boldly predicted here a month ago, it was never any contest, and for gamblers, this was the DEFINITION of “Easy Money.”

And for those FEW Bruin fans who DIDN’T follow the wagering tip (most of you said “Duh!” to the prediction of a blowout), there IS some solace:  The Pac-10 went 5-0 in Bowls, which should shut up the East Coast-biased Media, at least for a little while.  [T-H’s Note:  I had no faith in the Pac-10 either — As it is, I’m winning my 40-person, 28-Bowl “Confidence” Pool right now, but if I had taken all 5 Pac-10 teams, I would have already clinched the whole enchilada].

And speaking of hitting the jackpot (and not quitting on his guys), even though this has not exactly been a Happy New Year so far, here is a little pictorial to make it a little happier.  Hopefully, it will make you break one of your New Year’s Resolutions, just 36 hours into 2009. 

Is it okay to have a Resolution to meet someone like this, or is that more of a “fantasy” than a “resolution?”

I “resolve” to put the “Happy” back in your New Year.

I resolve to petition for extra years of eligibility for the Seniors on the Dance Team!

I resolve to give more money to Charity…

… and to several other dancers at the Palomino.  [That was just an old joke — No offense meant to the NON-exotic dancers in the photos]

But speaking of Charity, you CAN actually give your $upport to the Spirit Squad (in return for some VIP treatment, too!).  Check out their site for details.

Question to Squad (on the million-to-one chance that somebody’s taking a glance):  Sometimes I get photos that I, for one reason or another, can’t post here. However, the photos may be “amusing” to a particular girl. My instinct is to send the photo to that person (it’s not always the same person), but DON’T YOU ALREADY GET A MILLION of people doing that?

…and yes, I know:  The posed shots are not as prized (by the Squadmembers) as are the action shots (or so I’ve been told).

Let’s hope this is a Happy NEU Year.  […and thanks to everyone who bought Neu Era merchandise.]

Now let’s devote a little time to the richly-deserving Cheer Squad…

New year, same cute.

Day-dreaming of a time when cheaters, thugs, criminals, illiterates, and paid mercenaries don’t win Bowl games.

“Thugs?”  Those nice, sweet people who treat us so warmly when we visit their venues?

And back to the Dance Team, from whom the sc players should take some lessons, if they’re going to keep group-dancing in the middle of games.

Can you spot the baby?  That’s one kid who is being raised right.

I wouldn’t trade them for all the Rose Bowls in the World.

This photo is NOT doctored.  I don’t know if any of the actual girls have been “doctored” or not — They DO meet a lot of rich guys over there.

Look at the size of that lens!!  If I’d had one of those, Mollie would have had me arrested five years ago!

…and by the way:  Why would he need a lens that long?  Doesn’t he already have a Press Pass to be down on the Sidelines?  Is he going to concentrate on getting shots of the B-1 Flyover?  The Goodyear Blimp?

Congratulations — You’ve reached the bitter end.  And do you see that no-neck mallcop (from “Drabble?”)?  If you break any of your New Year’s Resolutions, he will come knocking at your door.

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Comments on "GONNA WASH THAT ‘JAN RIGHT OUTTA MY ‘AIR": 5 Comments

  1. Ken S. wrote,

    When is the NCAA going to wake up? Pete Carroll does not and I repeat, does NOT recruit student-athletes. He only recruits athletes, who masquerade as students and ones who probably had someone else take their SAT or ACT tests. Does anyone have the guts to ask Pete why USC’s football graduation rate continues to drop like a rock? The truth is he doesn’t care, the administration doesn’t care just as long as they win. And don’t get me started on the thugs that play there, flaunt the law and still get to play.

  2. Kevin L wrote,

    Lets no go too crazy with ideas of kevin craft hitting wide open recievers

  3. Robert wrote,

    LMAO that last picture of the usc cheerleaders…. too funny!! two of them REALLY seem to be enjoying their postition, one of them is saying HELL NO! I ain’t doing that!! and the others are just simply pretending to be okay with the routine.

    Changing the tune a little bit here, nice photo shots of Katie as usual and all the other girls, but how bout Heather???? She is not only the most gorgeous girl on the cheer squad but perhaps also on of the most talented. Heather certainly deserves a litte more support and attention on this web site, don’t you agree
    T-H? I just thought I’d throw that in.

  4. Richard wrote,

    First off,I WORSHIP the lovely ladies of UCLA(especially Brianna)but I do have a soft spot for a certain USC song girl by the name of Christina(first USC photo,second from the right)As for the last photo……that girl in the first row top…..she looks familiar….I never forget a ‘face’ 🙂
    Thanks as always for having the best pictures of the beautiful ladies.

  5. Sam wrote,

    Hmm… I like you all hate USC, and also am a PSU fan. Well…. honestly, I hated USC before I was a Penn State fan but I’m a PSU fan because I attend school at Penn State. But Penn State is not mediocre and overrated. The defensive coordinates didn’t call the right calls, and were to big of sissys so they gave like a 15 yard cushion every play. The offense played uncharacteristically making silly mental mistakes like penalties and turnovers, that’s how we lost. USC did not win the game, Penn State lost it. If Penn State would of shown up at least above average the game would of looked a lot better. We needed to bring our best, unfortunately, we brought won of our worst performances…. not to mention, it is literally a “home” game for SC. What is it 15 or 18 miles from their campus to the Rose Bowl? on the other hand, PSU had to travel 2500 miles “Unfair?” you tell me. I would love to see USC play PSU play in soldier field or Lombardi field in January…. you can say overrated all you want, but it’s unfair to say that, because Big Ten Schools recruit according to the climate. When there’s snow, and wind blows 40miles per hour in 20 degree weather the passing game doesn’t work very well.That’s why we stick with running games and big line men. On the other side, the west coast or southern schools don’t have to worry about that, since past September, barely no teams play OOC games….. On the whole Pac-10 being 6-0 really doesn’t mean that much, few teams that won played mediocre (if you would also like to consider Penn State) teams. How does that justify the strength of the conference? Well, good luck with B-ball, beat the crap out of SC whenever you can 😀

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