My perennial MVP’s (Most Valuable Princesses).

It’s “lEagle” — Kobe finally snatches much-desired trophy with come-from-behind assault

From a Three-peat, to an Eagle, Colorado Witness Stand, to a Jewelry store specializing in trophy-wife-placating boulders, to demanding a one-way ticket out of town, to staying and taking the Lakers to the #1 seed in the Western Conference, to being named the Most Valuable Player of the NBA.  What a long, strange trip it’s been for Kobe Bryant.

The man with the momentarily-neglected Trophy Wife has just added a very special individual trophy to his already-certified “Trophy Life.”  Kobe now has his 1st MVP Award, to go along with the THREE World Championship trophies that he earned with Shaq’s help in 2000-2003.  It took a while for Kobe to shed his negative image stemming from his trouble in Eagle, Colorado, but this vote proves that people are no longer holding a grudge.  Because if they were, they could have easily voted for EITHER Kevin Garnett or Chris Paul — with clear consciences.

Garnett was the early Favorite, as his Celtics dominated the first half of the season.  Then, when New Orleans proved to be no fluke, their Star Guard Paul became the new frontrunner.  But then, when the Lakers got Pau Gasol, Kobe was freed up to actually play like the Best Player in the League, which he has been for several years.

Gasol’s addition, along with the massive improvement by Jordan Farmar and the rest of the Laker role players, was enough to convince the voters that Kobe makes everyone around him better, and that knowledge is what put Kobe over the top.  Kobe has definitely matured as a ballplayer, but it didn’t happen overnight — Kobe had a good mindset last year too, but the teammates whom he had to trust, failed repeatedly to come through for him.  This season, it has been a different story, with Andrew Bynum (before his injury) and Lamar Odom (after Bynum’s injury) both playing their best basketball ever.

At the Press Conference announcing the Award, one of the role players took the mike and posed Kobe a question — It was Luke Walton, and he wanted to know if Kobe was going to buy gifts for his teammates, whom he had just credited with helping him get the honor.  Kobe jokingly acted hurt, wondering what ever happened to just being happy for their teammate, what ever happened to “atta boy,” and why do they feel like THEY deserve something?  But then he said that of course he was going to $hare his joy with them.  

And on the very day that Kobe got his award, the Player to whom he was supposed to pass the torch had one of the worst games of his life, and it allowed the Celtics to steal Game 1 in that series.  LeBron James personally committed TEN TURNOVERS, went 2-18 from the floor, and missed his LAST SIX SHOTS, including a point-blank lay-up with 4 seconds left that would have forced overtime, as the Cavaliers lost, 76-72.  The Cavs were actually “minus 7” while James was in the game, so the ILLOGICAL conclusion is that Cleveland would have been better off without him.  Of course that’s silly, but we’re just pointing out that Kobe is still King.  Even with Farmar’s Brigade doing so well, the Laker stats will usually show the Lakers in the “plus” category while Kobe is in the game, especailly in May and June.  We’re not saying that LeBron sucks — We remember some of Kobe’s early-career Playoff airballs — we’re just saying that Kobe still rules. 

But we’re still rooting for Cleveland to spank the Celts, obviously, since we still hate the old 80’s Celtics, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Danny Ainge (their current GM), and all their fans.  Not to mention that they have TWO arrogant ex-trojans (isn’t that redundant?) on their roster.  Brian Scalabrine and Gabe Pruitt are both Celtics, although both of them are currently listed on Boston’s “INACTIVE” Roster.  Remembering back, neither one of those guys was all that “active” even before being officially declared “inactive.”  Knowing the average integrity and selfishness of a trojan, they are both probably hoping for an “untimely” injury to a teammate, to allow them to play again this year (assuming that they themselves aren’t injured).  And remembering back, the Celtics better hope that they don’t have to rely on either one of them, or Kobe just might be showered with one more piece of golden hardware after the Finals.

Below, in honor of someone who has risen to the ultimate Top of his Field,  are a sweet sixteen more UCLA Cheer photos (all from the last Cal Football game at the Rose Bowl, as if it mattered where they’re from).  They all ENLARGE when you click on them, and they all have “mouse-over” hidden captions.  Please enjoy them, tell your friends about them, re-post them on message boards, and then write up a homemade Trojan-Haters Club Gift Certificate to give your Mom for Mother’s Day.  What Mom wouldn’t want a coupon for a BeatSC tank top?

Another “Nine Belles” that will live forever, in my mind.

And speaking of statues, how about these statuesque beauties?

If you already noticed that cool UCLA Tailgating tablecloth, you need to re-train your retinas about what is important in life.

Even usc’s Scott Wolf of the Daily News has been lamenting about the UCLA Girls’ superiority over their trojanette counterparts.

Does this photo make you long for some sax?

A very RARE story from the NBA:  It contains the noun “statue,” instead of the adjective “statutory.”

Do the AWOL Brianna Banshees really think I’m going to e-mail them to tell them she’s back?

A little selective darkening, and I get to remove this pretty photo from the “Mollie (and Brianna) Would Kill Me” file. [And NO, you can’t have the lighter version]

Did you think I was going to ignore the Cheer Squad again?  And by the way, that’s a natural shadow.

Love that shiny watermelon-flavored lip gloss (okay, so maybe it’s just wishful thinking.)

Would you PLEASE stop admiring that tablecloth?

I never said that the Dance Team had a monopoly on “hot.”

Happily Ember After

Gatorade isn’t all that charges my electrolytes.

They Walk Among Us…  [Walking in L.A…Walking in L.A….Nobody walks in L.A.]

Kobe Bryant and UCLA Spirit:  Simply the Best… and everyone knows it.


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  1. hornsfan Avatar

    there’s a tablecloth in some of those pictures? I had to check them out multiple times before I saw what you were talking about. 🙂 I must say you do a great job taking candid shots, and it certainly helps to have women who look credible at any time and any vantage point.