Talkin’ turkey.

…for the SHORT WEEK, the Beavers, the Bruins on the Lakers, and of course, the UCLA Spirit Squad

It’s Monday, which is usually a bad thing, except THIS week, it’s more like a Wednesday.  There are only a couple of more days left in most people’s workweek, before the customary turkey and stuffing feast on Thursday.

And while you’re celebrating, you also get to enjoy the Lakers, who are currently considered the Best team in the NBA.  That deserved ranking is due in no small part to Bruins Trevor Ariza and Jordan Farmar, who both keep improving as the season progresses.

And finally, speaking of celebrating, Oregon State overcame an injury to their star Running Back (and to their Quarterback) to beat Arizona on the final play and stay on track to keep sc out of the Rose Bowl.  If the Beavers beat Oregon, they will clinch the Pac-10 Title, and a date against the Nittany Lions in the Rose Bowl.

The Beavers have their dreams.  But HERE’S what dreams are made of…


Quality face-time.

Who woulda thunk Farmar and Ariza would star for the NBA’s #1 team?


Even DeShaun Foster scored aTouchdown this Weekend.

Ariza got a Double-Double last night vs. Sac.

It’s a Pick Six.

And sometimes on a Pick 6, you have to “single” out just one.

And here’s another odds-on favorite.

No stranger to the Winners’ Circle.

…of course sometimes it’s a Photo Finish.

Last one for today — plenty to give thanks for.

1931 Cadillac Phaeton


5 responses to “GIVING THANKS”

  1. J Avatar

    Yes indeed, many thanks to be given to many people. To you sir, its for the beauties you keep posting for us.

    So thanks to you!

  2. RR Avatar

    Giving thanks… TO BEATSC!!

    Thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to provide us with these amazing pictorials. Have a good one.

  3. Robert Avatar

    Thanks to all the spirit squads for all their hard work this year. In a year in which we didn’t have much to cheer about at the Rose Bowl, these girls would somehow get us all inspired again. Their beautiful smiles and friendliness and gorgeous bodies make them the most special group of college performers. A special thanks to Michelle, Katie, Brianna, and Kristle, these 4 girls empitomize the meaning of classy young women. They are all special, but these four, won my heart over, with their beauty and their meekness. Thank you T-H for blessing us with all the finest photos of these girls.

    [T-H’s Note: WELL SAID… with one exception: “Meekness” isn’t really a compliment — I think a better word may be “humility.”]

  4. JP Avatar

    Thanks for this website, T-H! Special thanks to all the Spirit Squad members, especially the UCLA Dance Team.

  5. Robert Avatar

    You’re absolutely right T-H that is what I meant to say.