San Francisco burns used trojan:  Bedeviled ex-trojan Barry Zito is banished from Playoff Roster, thanks to hellish 6.66 ERA of late

The 2010 Major League Baseball Playoffs got underway yesterday, as Bruin Chase Utley knocked in the first run of the Postseason, and the Giants knocked out the first trojan.  The Phillies won their Game 1 against Cincinnati, with a little help from Utley, and a LOT of help from Roy Halladay, who pitched the second No-Hitter in Postseason History.  The only other one was Don Larsen’s Perfect Game in the 1956 World Series.

Halladay was making his first Postseason appearance, after a dozen years in Toronto.  Both the Angels and Dodgers were thought to have interest in signing him for this year, but Philadelphia beat them to the punch, and he really came out punching yesterday.  One Walk kept him from a Perfect Game, as Halladay was completely dominant.  The Reds were in the Playoffs for the first time in 15 years, and Halladay made them look overwhelmed.  Looks like the Phillies’ money was well-spent.

Speaking of money — and people — being spent, the Giants paid Barry Zito 18.5 Million dollars this year, and now they don’t even want him in uniform.  Zito has experienced a historic collapse this season, going on a 9-game losing streak from July to September.  He went 1-8 with a 6.66 ERA over his last 11 Starts, and he notched only one “W” in his last 15 attempts.  But even that horrendous slump didn’t stop the Giants from giving him the ball in a crucial game last week.  In a position to clinch the Pennant and eliminate San Diego, Zito WALKED IN TWO RUNS, and couldn’t even go more than 3 Innings.  He was literally BOOED OFF THE FIELD, in what may have been his swan song.

I wonder if he’ll return any of that $18.5 Mil — He certainly didn’t earn it.  Obviously, no one expects him to give it back, but then again, no one thought Reggie Bush would give back his undeserved Heisman, either. 


4 responses to “GIANTS VETO ZITO”

  1. Fast freddie Avatar
    Fast freddie

    Zito was at best our 5th starter, The Freak, Cain, Shanchez kick arse. GO GIANTS.

  2. Jake Avatar

    Zito actually wasn’t bad ( i know you have to hate on trojans lol ) but freddie is right, he was the 5th starter on that staff. But screw the giants and screw stanford, go bruins!!

    [T-H’s Note: “Not bad?” I didn’t make up those numbers. For $18.5 Mil, a 6.66 ERA and only 1 win for half the season is pretty damn bad.]

  3. Jake Avatar

    True he didn’t earn his pay, thats what i get for pretending i know about baseball lol

  4. fastfreddie Avatar

    dam we looked pathetic yesterday, GO GIANTS