Ex-trojan Tight End Fred Davis gets suspended indefinitely by the NFL — for the SECOND TIME — for violating the League’s Substance Abuse Policy, AGAIN

Do trojans ever learn?  Even after getting busted, they show no remorse, they complain about the rules/laws, and they refuse to admit fault.  Once again, another trojan — former u$c Football player Fred Davis — has been busted as a repeat offender, yet he is — ala Brian Cushing — denying responsibility.

Back in 2011, Washington Redskin Tight End Davis was suspended was 4 games for failing a test for Marijuana.  This time, it is expected he will be suspended without pay for 6 games, and it is being reported that once again, it was a Pot Test that Davis failed.  Davis now admits that back in 2011, he had a Marijuana problem, but that he cleaned up since then.  He is now denying that he smoked Weed recently, announcing that he has not failed a Ganja Test since 2011.

But reports say that Weed was found in his system in a recent test.  So faced with this damning evidence, you would think Davis would be forced to fess up and take his medicine.  But no, that’s not how they do it at u$c.  Davis instead is using the tried and true excuse that he took a legal supplement that happened to contain a substance that is on the Banned List.  He is saying that some health and fitness expert recommended this product for him, and that Davis had no idea that it contained a banned substance.

How many times have we heard this excuse before?  It will be interesting to see what he says if it is made public that THC (the active ingredient in Pot) was found in his blood.  If it turns out that it was NOT THC but some performance enhancing drug, then CBS’ NFL Reporter Jason La Canfora will have egg on his face, but Davis will still be suspended for whatever substance it WAS, and most rational observers will still believe that Davis is lying about not knowing what he was ingesting.  These guys’ bodies are their tools for making a living, and you can bet that they are very careful about what they put into them.  But Davis would have you believe that he was just consuming stuff willy-nilly, without any concern about the ingredients.  Yeah, right.

The best news about another trojan getting busted is that in this case, it could profit a Bruin.  Davis is scheduled to enter Free Agency this March, but if Washington re-signs him, he was still probably going to be higher on the Depth Chart at Tight End than Bruin Logan Paulsen, even though Davis caught only 7 measly passes in 10 games for the Skins last year.  So now, one way or another, Paulsen just moved up a notch.  The Starter will now probably be Travis Reed, but Paulsen will be slated to have a significant role as well.

As for Davis, not only will Washington be reluctant to re-sign him, but it’s possible NO ONE will offer him a contract.  And if I know anything about chronic Chronic smokers, Davis will be perfectly fine with that.  It’s all mellow, dude.  I’m sure Davis has already made a small fortune from playing in the Pro’s — and more at u$c — and I’m sure a brain surgeon like Davis has invested well and doesn’t need to earn any more money.  Maybe he’ll just move to Jamaica and puff on spleefs for the rest of his days, livin’ the High Life.  Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.


Last night, the Bruin Basketball team played their best game of the season, whipping the Golden Bears IN CAL, 86-66. The Bruins have struggled in this venue the last couple of years, but this time, behind Jordan Adams’ 28 Points and 5 Steals, UCLA blew Cal out by 20, with the outcome never in doubt after Halftime.  Travis Wear and Kyle Anderson were the other stars, but it was Adams’ night, as Jordan officially put all this talk about his slump to rest, while leading the Bruins to an impressive 21-5 record, and a SOLID 2-game lead over everyone else in the battle for second place, 1 game behind Arizona.  And with the way the Wildcats are struggling, eking out an OT win in Utah yesterday, the Bruins still have a legit shot at the Title.


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