Fox’s screw-up invalidates thousands of entries in their online Football Pool, but they are DENYING that it ever happened


MAN UP, Fox Sports!

Computer glitches happen.  Like death and taxes, computer errors will always be with us.  But what matters is how you handle them when they occur.  And Fox Sports is providing a perfect example of what NOT to do:  Don’t take the easy — and cowardly — way out.

Last week, Fox Sports’ “College Football Pick ‘Em” listed Boise State’s Tuesday night game as part of the Week 8 schedule, even though it really belonged as part of Week 9.  Anyone out of the thousands of Pool participants who logged on when the Week 8 games were initially posted, made their selection — probably 99.9% picking Boise St. — as part of their Week 8 Picks.

But those people must have been shocked when they logged on the following week — after the Tuesday night game was complete, thus ushering in Week 9 — to find out that that same Bosie St. game was now part of Week 9.  This Pool is of the “confidence” genre, which means that you assign “bonus points” to each game.  In other words, you rank each pick of the week in order of how sure you are that your team is going to win.  Of course, Boise St. was given a “20” by most of those who selected them in Week 8.  But when they switched it to Week 9, they did NOT carry over the Pick or the bonus points.  So for Week 8, the entrants who picked Boise didn’t get their 20 points.  What’s worse, by the time people found out, it was to late too late to make a Pick on the game at all for Week 9, screwing people out of another 18 points (there were only 18 games that week).

Fox should have informed players of the error, and they should have added one point to all the players’ Week 8 Picks.  But they did not communicate anything about their mistake, and just boned everyone who submitted their picks before the error was corrected.

But it gets worse.  In response to complaints about the snafu, FOX BLATANTLY LIED, claiming that the error NEVER OCCURRED.  Why in the Hell would anyone make up a story like that?  It seems so easy to go back and check.  They MUST still have a record of the originally-submitted Picks.  They can easily see that early entrants took Boise St. in Week 8.  And if the computer deleted the game without the human controllers knowing, then those entries would all be missing their “20” Pick (or whatever value they gave to it).

I will gladly submit to a lie detector test, to prove that I did not “imagine” an extra game being listed for Week 8.  Fox is totally full of sh!t, and they are knowingly trying to avert a catastrophe — an avalanche of protests and complaints from people who got screwed out of their winnings.  Sure, the online Pool is “free,” but you don’t think people place outside wagers on the outcomes of these things?  With those 20 points, I am in First Place in my 34-person Group.  Without them, I don’t get a Win, Place, or Show.

If you have ever wanted to say “thank you” to me for providing you with 10’s of thousands of amazing UCLA Cheerleader photos, but without having to open your pocketbook, here’s your chance:  I am asking you to take a moment, go to

and write a letter to them.  Tell them that they should grow a sack, admit their fvck-up, and fix it.  Tell them that you will never join any of their Pools, and that you think they are trojan scum for not taking responsibility in this matter.  Maybe if I get enough people bombarding them with support for me, they will realize that I am not making this whole thing up, and I did not just “imagine” that the game was listed as part of Week 8.

I’ve run various gambling Pools for 20 years, and I always paid out in cases where mistakes were made.  As I said, no one is perfect — It’s all about how you deal with the mistakes that matters.

If you are wondering, I also tried to reach my “Group Moderator,” but I think he died, or just gave up after my Perfect Week 1 score.  Anyway, he hasn’t responded to me, nor has he been posting the Weekly Group Recaps that he promised when inviting me to join.  But he’s not the problem — If Fox continues to deny fault, he can’t correct the scores.

So please let Fox Sports know that fans won’t stand for their bullsh!t, and demand that they try to learn the meaning of “fair and balanced.”

And as a thank you in advance for your help, here are 36 new Cheer photos from the Arizona game on Saturday, which I hate to admit, I DID pick correctly in the Pool (as anyone outside of Westwood SHOULD have).


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  1. BL Avatar

    Great cheer stunts, even with the costumes!

  2. Robert Avatar

    Roxanna sure is beautiful and talented, and so is Chelsea, she is a sweetheart!! I finally got to meet her this past Saturday and may I say that she is as nice as she is gorgeous?