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Ready for me to float you 15 more trojan shots?

Love these colorful bikinis they all wore — Glad they’re not just ketchup & mustard-colored.

Go ahead:  Dive in and soak up a second serving of sopping wet Southern Cal song girls

Don’t be a wet blanket — it’s for a good cause.

Due to popular demand (the popular demand of mine that I share more of these pics), here is another heaping helping of photos of the usc song girls — in bikinis and out — at last weekend’s Swim with Mike charity event.

The event is over, until next year, but they take donations year round, so feel free to go to and chip in.  Maybe you can even donate your TIME, and be the volunteer who helps towel off the girls after the relay race next year.  The point is, in return for the generosity and tolerance of the song girls, it would SURE BE NICE if some of the readers from this site actually helped support their Swim with Mike cause.  Not to get too serious on a satire site, but the charity helps athletes who have just had MAJOR accident injuries, still get into college.  If you saw some of these grateful recipients, you’d be right on board, Rivalry or no Rivalry.  Please check it out, to show your appreciation for THIS:

How often do you find yourself wanting to trade places with a paraplegic?

I’m sorry, but they look great — How can she blame all those trojan fans for taking photos?

“I thought you said I was going to be on YOUtube, not on an INNERtube!”

Every girl looks better - and has more fun - wearing BLUE.

What did you THINK I meant when I said “in and out of bikinis?”

usc - Institution of Higher Leaning.

And here are 3 close-ups showing why Scott Wolf’s readers should stop whining.

They seem to have a special glow when they are doing humanitarian work, like helping the disabled.

I know some of you have mixed emotions about admiring trojans, but when you save this one, it’s easy to crop out the “usc.”

With the wang-shaped beer-bong scandal behind them, do they worry about the athletic department getting hit with sanctions?

  Hopefully, they won’t be too mad about this, since this one kick shot could very well kick-start a recently-crippled athlete’s entire life.

They have every reason to be proud.

And there is certainly no shame in being #2 as a Spirit Squad in this town.  Thank you song girls for your tolerance, in light of it being for a good cause, and thank you fans, for actually contributing!

"FLOAT ON, FOR CHAR-I-TY — TRY TO FORGET, IT’S U-S-C" was published on April 21st, 2009 and is listed in UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

Comments on "FLOAT ON, FOR CHAR-I-TY — TRY TO FORGET, IT’S U-S-C": 6 Comments

  1. UCLADal wrote,

    The red shoes are kind of dorky looking. Then again, they’re trojans.

  2. Richard wrote,

    ALWAYS the best pictures of the ladies! THANK YOU! I know you have photos from this year and lasts Swim with Mike event, but do you have any from 2007? I’m looking for all the Christina (USC Song Girl) pics I can get. Thanks again for your work, and if you have any more of the ladies (in uniform), please post them.

    [T-H’s Note: I do have shots from ’07, but I don’t know which one Christina is. If you can identify her, I will post a collection of shots of her for you.]

  3. Richard wrote,

    THANK YOU!!I have a picture of her on my site.It also has some of my artwork on there including the lovely Brianna.

  4. Richard wrote,

    Sorry,here is the link for the Brianna drawing:
    I actually have two photobucket sites:

  5. wyatt wrote,

    Where did you get these pictures from this year’s Swim With Mike?

    [T-H’s Note: Is this a TRICK question?]

  6. reymon wrote,

    i really like the picture gils.,,.
    ,.,,..more exciting activities.,.,.i like it wil.

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