Kiffin gets busted for lying, u$c brain-cramps and denies being reprimanded, and while the trojans whine about Mora’s subtle indictment of their crime-ridden campus, someone breaks into their Athletic Department during Football practice and steals a bunch of laptops

It is still only August, but Lane Kiffin and u$c are already in midseason form.  This week, trojan Head Coach Lane (Violation) Kiffin is back in trouble, by staining the Integrity of the Coaches’ Poll.  The Poll has a rule that they don’t reveal who the Coaches vote for, unless the Coaches are disingenuous about their votes to the Press.  Recently, Rich Rodriguez said that he voted the trojans #1, to which Kiffin responded that he himself would NOT vote u$c #1.  Then the voting took place, and that’s exactly what Kiffin did.

So the Poll organization came out and announced that Kiffin tabbed sc #1, despite his public claim to the contrary, saying that Kiffin’s two-faced lie impugned their Integrity.  Instead of just taking his medicine like a guy with some class, Kiffin denied the allegations, and cried that he meant that if he were ANOTHER Coach, he wouldn’t have voted sc #1, but as sc’s Coach, he had to, because he didn’t want to deal with his players asking him why he didn’t have confidence in his own team.  So Kiffin is afraid of hurting his players’ feelings, and is afraid of the backlash effect a non-#1 vote may have on them?  Or, is he just incapable of admitting fault, like so many other textbook narcissists?

And that affliction of never being able to accept fault or blame extends to the entire u$c Athletic Department.  Apparently, u$c was Officially informed in writing, in no uncertain terms, that what Kiffin did was sleazy and unaccpetable, but sc DENIES receiving any sort of notification.  Did it get lost in the mail?  “Hey NCAA, my horse ate my homework!”  Did Traveler run out of oats?  Why can’t the arrogant trojans ever just eat their humble pie?  Things were supposed to change when Pat Haden took over, but instead, it’s just more of the same.  DENY ON!

And speaking of living in a River of Denial, trojans were outraged when Jim Mora said that he told a recruit that no one gets murdered a block away from UCLA’s campus.  They thought it was a direct, intentional slam at u$c and their scuzzy digs in South Central.  At first Mora attributed that overreaction to the trojans’ own insecurity (and probably shame over all the crime in their neighborhood that they have failed to clean up after all these decades).  But when it was brought to Mora’s attention that two sc grad students actually did get gunned down near sc’s campus somewhat recently, he classily apologized for possibly offending anyone.  But while his heartfelt apology was still lingering in the air, two events occurred, both dripping with irony:  First, someone broke into the John McKay Center — the home of trojan Athletics, right across from the Practice field — and bulglarized it, during a practice!  At least the players have alibis.  The thief stole laptops and other items, as the Keystone Kop trojan Security Force ran around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Then yesterday, a former trojan got honored as a flagbearer in the Olympics, and the reason why he got this honor is that he is a ready-made human-interst story — just the way NBC likes it.  As a trojan, this guy was actually shot while near sc, as he was hosting a Recruit, taking him to an off-campus party not that long ago.

So tell us again, denying trojans, about how much safer South Central is compared to Westwood.  Some people think that the danger of the ghetto should be off-limits in recruiting.  Absurd!  When you are picking a place to live for the next four years, why wouldn’t personal safety be a valid issue?  Who wouldn’t prefer to live in a place where you can actually walk your dog at night, instead of a place where police sirens, stray bullets, gangland slayings, and drive-by shootings are commonplace?  And why shouldn’t Mora take advantage of UCLA’s natural superiority in this area?  It’s not like he specifically invoked the names of the recently-killed grad students.  He was just making a general comment about the Westwood neighborhood’s safety level compared to the ACTUAL “hood,” and the statement would have been JUST as valid if he had made it BEFORE the unfortunate recent shooting.

But $c is so sensitive, because they are ashamed, that they had to blow the statements way out of proportion.  It is not Racist to embrace the REAL, comparative crime statistics of two communities.  If sc can’t handle this, they should clean up the area, pay for ten times more Police and Security Patrols, and change those statistics.  Until then, Mora should keep on selling Westwood as a better place to matriculate.


4 responses to “FIB-SIES, CRAMPS, AND THIEVES”

  1. Chuck Findley Avatar
    Chuck Findley

    Trojan Hater,

    Keep up the great work! I love your site and your insights. I work as a restaurant General manager and when I see anyone in Bruin sweats or tee shirts, I tell them about your fantastic site. Of course, I take every chance I can get to bash anyone sporting U$C gear. Those poor, misguided fools and wanna bee thugs.
    I’m looking forward to a great year of following my beloved Bruins and your site.


    Chuck Findley

  2. dswenson Avatar

    Love your site also. Your writing about our HATED trogans is true and funny at the same time. I love to read your thoughts about the thugs. Keep up the great work and let’s root hard for our BRUINS this year to CONQUER everyone on our schedule – especially $c. Let’s get Barkley’s smirk off his face once and for all.
    GO BRUINS!!!!!

  3. JC Avatar

    Did anyone else get the Cher reference?

  4. Mike in Palm Springs Avatar
    Mike in Palm Springs

    I don’t think USC is to blame for the crime in the area. It is the job of the LAPD to police the area. UCLA moved from the same area to Westwood in 1929. I met some guys who attended the downtown campus. Unfortunately, they are no longer on the right side of the grass.