Nature of the Beast.

A teary-eyed Garrett claims cheating is not in sc’s “nature,” in a desperate, 11th hour attempt to beg the NCAA for Mercy

Somebody call The Guinness Book of World Records — Mike Garrett may have just told The World’s Biggest Lie.

Just days before the NCAA convenes to determine the fate of sc’s scandal-ridden Athletic Department, the leader of that Department finally broke his suspicious silence, and cried — literally — to the Media.  POOOOOR usc!  Garrett is completely heartbroken and emotional, over the pending and UNDESERVED sanctions.

Strange, because he hasn’t shown any remorse for the part that HE played in all the illicit behavior that brought about the NCAA’s 5-year investigation.  When he fed sacrificial lamb Tim Floyd to the meat grinder, he forgot to mention that it was Garrett who allegedly condoned the acceptance of Rodney Guillory back into the sc fold, even after Guillory had already gotten sc punished by the NCAA in the past.  Floyd himself said that Garrett offered Floyd no support whatsoever, and that Garrett’s reputation (or ego) was more important than the truth (or than the School, or than Integrity).

Garrett remained silent and stoic throughout all the cheating and criminal behavior exhibited by his players and his coaches, under his watch.  Free houses, half-price luxury apartments. free cars, free SUV’s, free widescreen TV’s, envelopes full of money, Rape accusations, Dog Fighting, Drug Dealing, Prostitution, Steroid Abuse… but cheating is not in their nature?

Garrett says he would be remorseful if his “kids were running rampant doing evil things… and coaches are doing horrible things.”  Apparently, at usc, Dog Fighting isn’t a “horrible thing,” and abusing illegal steroids, selling illegal drugs, picking up illegal hookers, and (allegedly) Raping co-eds aren’t “evil things.”  And despite all these incidents, Garrett says that it’s “just a case here and there.”  Only at sc.

The trojans’ “win at any cost” mentality IS their “nature.”  They have been living by that credo for at least 4 decades, and most of them are proud of it.  When the NCAA acts, and sc is stripped of their lone BCS Title, most trojans won’t care, and will still call themselves the National Champs for that year.  They don’t give a rat’s ass how they got there, or if it is legit — They still got to celebrate a victory on the field.

They will still point to past triumphs, saying that they don’t care about having to officially vacate them.  They will never understand that the victories are completely meaningless, since they were attained illegally.  The only way sc could win was by paying mercenaries (not students) to come to South Central and be surrounded by Pro Agents.  And by amassing a society of thugs who flaunted the rules on and off the field (and on the court and in Court), they made a mockery of the concepts of “fair recruiting,” “level playing field,” and “good sportsmanship,” not to mention “student-athlete.”

The trojans have rallied behind O.J. Simpson, made his jersey a hot commodity at the student store, honored him with a giant tribute in the Coliseum, and bragged about “owning the LAPD.”  They have put up their star Tailbacks at Beverly Hills mansions since the 70’s.  They have celebrated dirty late hits out of bounds, and they have tried to injure players on the hardwood with elbows to the head.  They hire extra coaches above the NCAA limit, and they retain a coach who has a Record for Dog Fighting, and all the coaches look the other way as the players flaunt their bling and their obscene luxuries all over campus.  And to top it off, in the very face of NCAA vigilance, they hire a known cheater as their new leader, and he and his band of merry men commit a slew of infractions, according to multiple sources, in the very first few hours of their regime, practically acknowledging that the advantages gained by the violations are WORTH the slaps on the wrist that they may or may not ever receive. 

How can Garrett POSSIBLY try to assert that the Bush and Mayo scandals were isolated incidents?  And how in HELL can he say that cheating isn’t in sc’s nature?

In other, unrelated news, piranhas announce that it is not in their nature to devour human flesh.  And Al-Qaeda requests that people stop judging them so harshly, just based on a couple of isolated incidents.

Every single one of the trojans’ highest-profile athletes has gotten in some sort of trouble:  Bush, Mayo, Leinart, Jarrett, Sanchez, McKnight, Justice, and Maualuga have all been accused of cheating, or getting paid, or using guns, or criminal violence, or Sexual Abuse.  Yet usc still claims that they didn’t know about any of it.  Their President complains that any transgressions were perpetrated by forces outside the Athletic Department.  Yeah — How could usc have possibly known that their star football player’s family was given a new house and flown to games, or that he was posing for magazine covers with his pimped-out Impala and diamond earrings?  How could they know about the house and parties that the Dog Fighting Assistant had allegedly been privy to?  How could they know about the SUV that another player actually drove right up to Practices, with Coaches present, and tons of witnesses in shock?

The NCAA is meeting starting tomorrow, to show the World once and for all whether or not it has any BALLS whatsoever.  Unfortunately, it will be 2 months before their decision is made public, and also, sc will still be allowed to appeal.  Apparently, all schools that get hammered file an Appeal, and sc will be no different.  So any “Celebration of Justice” will have to be muted and restrained, until all the dust settles and everything is final.  But an initial finding of severe negligence is the first step in getting Mike Garrett fired, Mike Riley hired in his place, and a new and unprecedented era of compliance to sweep over Figueroa Tech… until the psychotic but wealthy alumni send him Traveler’s head, and hire a Bernie Madoff-type to replace him, thus assuring them a return to Glory, and a return to the lack of Integrity that sets them apart.   

Sorry, Garrett — It’s going to take a little more than phony remorseless tears to fool the NCAA into thinking that cheating isn’t Second Nature for the University of Second Class.  Lord have Mercy?  Maybe.  But if the NCAA has Mercy, someone from Yahoo Sports will need to “follow the money,” and see just how Jerry Bu$$ and the trojan alumni were able to completely castrate an entire Organization.

Final Note:  Some Bruin fans are bent out of shape about UCLA possibly suffering if usc receives a TV ban.  I say BULL.  These whiny people are just upset because they don’t attend the game, and won’t get to see it live.  I understand not wanting to go to South Central and park on someone’s lawn for $150, but this year’s game is at the Rose Bowl.  And even for the following season, and for out-of-town Bruins who can’t come to Pasadena:  Keeping usc off TV is worth any collateral damage to the Bruins and their fans.  

No Tommy Trojan on TV will definitely be noticeable, and will hurt their image, their Poll rankings, and their recruiting.  It is only one game for the Bruins, but it is a whole season for sc.  How pissed off will trojan fans be when they can’t see road games on thier widescreen TV’s?  At least local Bruin fans have the OPTION of attending the game, since they don’t have to leave town to do so.  And even if you have to listen to it on the radio (it would be a seriously tough choice deciding on which broadcast to listen to, and you know why), you just have to accept and cherish the fact that the REASON why it’s blacked out is that usc CHEATS, and got caught red-handed, again, and again, and again.  In fact, the whole STORY of the game will be that it’s not televised, and that will bring a ton of much-needed publicity to sc’s totally-deserved sanctions.  Suck it up, Bruin fans.  Attend the game if you can, follow it on the Internet, or listen to it on radio.  Just because YOU can’t see it live is no reason to let sc off the hook.  They richly deserve every single penalty they get.  I mean, I like to watch their games on TV every week, and it will be painful to NOT get to see Lame’s deflated and heavily-sanctioned troGans get schooled week after week, but it’s worth the sacrifice, since it will hurt their Program a lot more than it will hurt me or you.


3 responses to “FARCE OF NATURE”

  1. kacey Avatar

    i agree. I hope there is some from of justice. Very concerned how corruption and greed is putting these teenagers (some minors) in such dangerous situations. Sportsmanship and university values need to be supported by NCAA…if not, let’s be real and just call the NCAA a business and tax it! let the government or the athletes themselves benefit from the manipulation.

    NCAA needs to show some backbone here but I’m worried the back-door legal manuevers will be driven by $.

    Hoping for some good news!

  2. tswenson Avatar

    I am also afraid that the trOJies will get a slap on the wrist for all the things they have done (allegedly) wrong. They should have the book thrown at them. I remember not too long ago that several of their football thugs raped a $c school counselor. At $c, it was called “youthful exuberance” and nothing happened to the thugs. The wealthy alums probably took care of the school counselor. This type of stuff has gone on too long and all that happens is that the trOJies laugh about it and continue on their “winning” ways. Mike Garrett said himself that winning was the most important thing. Didn’t Cheaty Petey say many times – cheat just don’t get caught? They are a joke!

  3. DanielWayne Avatar

    I am curious, If sc is banned from TV, will UCLA fans be able to purchase DVD’s of the UCLA VS. sc game
    Dec. 2nd 2010 in Pasadena.

    [T-H’s Note: I doubt it. No official source will be allowed to distribute it or profit off of it. Here’s what will happen: Some FAN will record it from the stands on a camcorder, and sell bootlegs on the Internet, until he gets a cease and desist order. Then the tape will pop up somewhere else, and the cycle will repeat, sort of like a celebrity sex tape.]