Can’t let the season go to Pot — UCLA is installed as a 21-point favorite over 4-4 Colorado, who will be fired up, because, to be blunt, their pipe dream is to bogart the ball, and burn the Bruins in UCLA’s own joint (on the Rose Bowl grass), and only a dope would think that a Buffalo victory wouldn’t be their season’s high point

Trying to avoid a dreaded October surprise, UCLA faces lowly Colorado this Saturday at the Rose Bowl.  The Buffaloes come in as a three-touchdown underdog, even after beating Oregon State last week.  The Bruins are alive in the Pac-12 South, thanks to u$c knocking off Utah last week, needing to run the table and have ASU pick up one more loss.  But will “being alive” be enough to avoid a letdown?  Colorado is so bad, that no one is even talking about this as a “trap game” for UCLA, because everyone is already just assuming a win.  And THAT is what makes a game a trap game.

UCLA, despite all their injuries and two bad losses, will undoubtedly come in overconfident, if not complacent.  It is hard to get motivated to play a team that you are expected to beat by 21.  But that’s where Jim Mora comes in.  It is his job to keep the Bruins focused.  With a Quarterback like Josh Rosen, the Bruins are capable of being unstoppable.  If Mora does his job, the Bruins can build up a nice big lead, and the backups can get some much-needed game experience.  But don’t take anything for granted.  Teams that were favored by 41 have lost.  Colorado will be (on an emotional) HIGH, and we are not talking about machines — In college football, emotions can overwhelm talent some times… so the Bruins better be ready.

Speaking of being ready, are you ready for 75 more photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad (+4 of an unknown corporate cheerleader)?  You are?  Well, then, here you go —  (P.S.  These are all new photos.  A few look exactly like some from last weekend, but I assure you, these are all different shots).  Click on the pics to enlarge them.