Lane Kiffin gets pulled off the team bus at LAX and is fired

Lane Kiffin was so bad, he couldn’t even outlast the sanctions.

Everyone thought that Lane Kiffin was just a placeholder, until u$c’s sanctions expired and a real coach could be hired.  Athletic Director Pat Haden said after last year’s disastrous season that he was still behind Kiffin 100%.  But after the trojans got annihilated in Tempe on Saturday night 62-41, enough was enough.  No recruit would want to sign to play for Kiffin, even WITH the monetary incentives.  So a change had to be made.  No doubt, the uber-rich sc alumni made some calls and some threat$, and action was taken.

When the trojan team boarded their bus at LAX, trojan officials went in, and pulled Kiffin off the bus.  They immediately fired his ass, and sent him home, while his luggage was still on the bus.  I wonder if treatment like that discourages any potential hires from wanting to be next in line for similar treatment.

In selecting an interim replacement, it looks like sc embraced their rich history of cheating and douchebaggery, hiring Assistant Coach Ed Orgeron.  He is the guy who was involved when sc was racking up the violations, and he was also allegedly the guy who berates his players for wanting to attend their classes.  Orgeron was also the lead recruiter at a school well-known for paying players to attend.  Ed sounds like the perfect guy for the job.  He also failed as a Head Coach.  IF ONLY Haden would remove the interim label, like he did with their Baseball Coach, AFTER the Bruins’ Head Coach John Savage spurned Haden’s attempt to poach him.

Actually, it looks like Jack Del Rio will end up taking the reins of the trojan horse next year.  He is the Defensive Coordinator of the Denver Broncos now, and was a trojan Linebacker back in the day.  He was also the Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars for a long time.  That means that he will bring instant NFL respectability to usc.  Recruits will think that he can help them get to the League. So that’s bad new for Bruin fans.  However, the Jaguars usually had a good Defense, but a lousy offense (except for Maurice Jones-Drew’s individual production), and the Jaguars never went anywhere, often missing the playoffs despite playoff-caliber talent.  Another candidate has all the same qualifications, and limitations:  Jeff Fisher — ex-trojan player, Defensive specialist, NFL cred, underachieving Head Coach.  I’d much rather see either of these guys, as oppsed to a Saban or Meyer, or Kelly (Chip OR Brian).

But you know who the trojans want, don’t you?  Just like they reached out to Tim Floyd even after the O.J. Mayo SCandal that got him fired, you gotta believe that Pete Carroll’s cell phone is vibrating right now.


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  1. Bruwins Avatar

    Even if Pete’s cell phone is vibrating. Seahawks are having a great season so far. We can assume that cell phone from $uc went directly to voice mail for now.