One Day at a Time

It’s only one game, but the stunning victory over Tennessee has Bruin fans feeling very excited

Is Second Half Craft for real?  Is ATTITUDE actually the difference between winning and losing?  If you answered “Yes” to these questions, then you also suddenly believe that the Bruins’ rebuilding project is well underway, and that UCLA is Bowl-bound, THIS year.

This Saturday’s game at hostile BYU will either calm or intensify these beliefs, but until then, why not ride the wave of positivity?  So here are a Lucky 21 more UCLA Cheerleader photos…

from the rally on Labor Day.

It’s Bruins only — We’re not taking Volunteers today.

UCLA Spirit continues to raise the bar.

If the Bruins handle BYU, the next Walk-In at the Rose Bowl will be ELECTRIC.

After Halftime, the Dance Team let Kevin Craft borrow their amazing RHYTHM.

The win over Tennesse was a true, TEAM effort.

He’s not as bad as Snoop Dogg, but is “Vic the Brick” really NECESSARY?

Forget “Desktop Wallpaper” — I’d wallpaper my Living Room with this shot.

Symbolic of the Neu Era at UCLA:  Classic, with a new twist.

If you like these close-ups (Yeah, right — “If”), you should thank Mollie, for allowing me to take them while the girls pose for their website photos… and check out their site, too.

A pair of Katies beats any hand you’ve got.

Can you look at those faces, and keep your Poker face?

Nothing like drawing a couple of “Naturals” in a row.

Wakes up adorable.

“Ooo-oooh, Kick It Out.  C’mon, c’mon…”  [If the GOP can steal “Barracuda,” I want “Kick It Out.”]

Some things should never change.

No celebration of Elise could be considered “excessive.”

Here’s Elise, coming right at you.  And yes, she SHOULD have her own posse of traveling musicians playing fanfare wherever she goes.

It MAY be part favoritism, but it’s also that I was sitting in Elise’s zone for the rally.

By the way, if that guy’s nickname is “Red,” he needs a new nickname.

Kara’s stare into rarified air is symbolic of UCLA Football’s broadening horizon.

That’s it for now — Hope this collection holds you for a while, and leaves you with a smile on your face.




  1. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    Nice to see some solos of Elise, any chance you will post some shots of Heather in the near future? I think she deserves some love as well. Go Heather! Go Bruins!

  2. SCopper Avatar

    Oh, the double standard! 😀

  3. The Pinkster Avatar
    The Pinkster

    That picture of Kara looks like she’s talking with God… she probably is…. being an angel and all….

  4. Ruben Avatar

    Was at the game, loved the intensity the Bruin fans projected! Great photos overall as usual !!
    GO BRUINS !!!

  5. J Avatar

    Another great selection of smiles. Good captioning again too!

  6. JosephineBruin Avatar

    Vic the Brick rocks!

  7. jp Avatar

    Great shots. The Dance Team is going to have another awesome year.

  8. RR Avatar

    Haven’t checked out ur blog since the great bbq/win. I missed it.
    Although I do have to agree with the header, celebration’s are a bit excessive, but after coming back against a very talented Tenn. team while yours was banged up, why not?

    Anyways, great pics as usual. Yay for more Chantel pics 😀 (and that new girl on the squad that’s next to her… Roxanne wasnt it? She’s hot too 🙂 )

  9. B4LE Avatar

    I love the pictures of Elise. Every time I see her, it makes me smile. 🙂

    Go Bruins!

  10. jbruin8 Avatar

    I love coming to this website! Keep it up. It’s pretty funny that the dance team is praised above the football team. And if you guys lose to BYU on saturday.. at least you’ll have Elise!

  11. Jake Avatar

    I love Jamie’s new red hair