P(oor), O(ld) N(imrod) T(hinks) I(t’s) A C(adillac):  Rey Rey crashes his ’03 Pontiac into some parking meters and goes to jail;  No word if Pat Cowan will go see him on Visitor’s Day

It was only a matter of time.  Ex-trojan Linebacker Rey Maualuga has always been a ticking time bomb, just waiting for the right moment to explode.  He had his share of incidents at sc, but now, he has entered the big time. 

Maualuga is famous for celebrating his dirty hit out of bounds on Bruin QB Pat Cowan, who of course bounced right back up, and went on to BEAT sc 13-9.  Now Maualuga can be famous for getting dirty in his jail cell… that is, if sc didn’t own every police station in the Country.  Chances are that Rey Rey will get off with a slap on the wrist, like all the other criminals from Figueroa Tech, and he’ll be back on the road threatening all of our lives in no time at all.



  1. MJ Avatar

    I thought REY REY owned the Po Po?! He take driving lessons from Darryl Russell???

  2. Ken S. Avatar
    Ken S.

    He will get nailed. He doesn’t own the police in Kentucky.

  3. Fred Rinaldi Avatar
    Fred Rinaldi

    2003 Pontiac ? must have had to take a cut in pay when he left u$c

    [T-H’s Note: Allegedly, the car actually belongs to an 18-year old girl, NOT to Rey Rey.]

  4. Donna Strong Avatar
    Donna Strong

    First of all, Rey is not a thug, he went to High School in Eureka, CA and was an upstanding person in the community. I am not sure about what has happened to him at this point except to much has gone to his head. He is one heck of a ball player. He had promised is late father and his mother to do the best that he could do. I for myself is truly disgusted in what is happening to him and the role that he has taken on.
    It sure is not the Rey that all of us in our area have known. Rey get your head out and become the man what your late father expected you to be. Just remember, he is watching all of your actions and is not
    proud of what he sees. We up in Northern CA still believe in you-so get it together Rey you have a great
    career ahead of you-NOW LIVE UP TO IT AND KNOCK OF THE BS.