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Ex-trojan Bengal CAN’T change his stripes, CAN eat his young

When trojans say they were in “Stripes,” they don’t mean the Bill Murray movie, they mean the old-fashioned prison garb.

 Holy Cornhole Carson’s pie-hole makes him sound wholly like an a-hole, to a whole lot of fans in Ohio

Former trojan Quarterback Carson Palmer has said his share of dumb things over the years, but he may have just topped himself.  Yesterday, the Host of Carson’s Cornhole Classic apparently thought that what he said on an L.A. Radio station WOULDN’T GET BACK to any Bengal fans in Ohio… who might happen to be Ohio State fans.

While being interviewed by KLAC about the upcoming game between usc and Ohio State, Palmer went OFF.  He said that he was sick of all the Ohio State fans that surround him in Cincinnati.  He is tired of all their CRAP, and he can’t wait for the game to shut “those people” up.

He said that Ohio State will come to California, and get their asses kicked in the Coliseum, Pac-10 style, and then have to go back to the Big Ten, to tell them the tale.

Palmer said that he’s been inundated with Midwesterners singing the praises of the Big Ten, and over-glorifying OSU, while he’s been in Ohio.  SO — Did Palmer really think that this interview would never be heard east of San Bernardino?  Or does he just not care about alienating his local fan base?  No wonder Ocho-Cinco wants out of Cincinnati — He must be tired of playing “United Way” (i.e. playing catch with a Make-a-Wish kid dressed up as a Quarterback).

Could you imagine if Kobe Bryant said that he’s sick and tired of all the UCLA fans in Los Angeles, and that he’s looking forward to the Bruins getting their butts kicked in a huge game?  There would be plenty of offended Bruin/Laker fans who would probably convert to being JUST Bruin fans after that.

The Bengals play in Cincinnati, NOT Columbus, but they are both in Ohio, which is NOT New York, Texas, or California.  Ohio State Football, Woody Hayes, The Horseshoe, and the Tuba dotting the “i” in front of 105,000 people are a BIG DEAL in the whole State.  Palmer has already been getting booed by his Home fans, based on his on-the-field struggles, but now, the boos will increase dramatically, as all the Buckeye fans in attendance will let Palmer know what they think of his comments.

The sc-OSU game is on September 13th — And after that, the booing will continue.  It might be gleeful booing, or it might be bitter, but even if OSU wins, Palmer will have to win the Super Bowl before the loyal OSU fans will let him live down the latest of Carson’s Comedy Crassics. 

"Ex-trojan Bengal CAN’T change his stripes, CAN eat his young" was published on July 22nd, 2008 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

Comments on "Ex-trojan Bengal CAN’T change his stripes, CAN eat his young": 4 Comments

  1. Waldorf wrote,

    Is there any link to actual quotes by the Cornholer?

    [T-H’s Note: The interview was on KLAC 570; all three 11 o’clock News programs covered it, and channel 2 actually played the audio. To listen, you should probably try KLAC’s website, or channel 2’s.]

  2. Fox 71 wrote,

    There is something posted on Yahoo sports about this. I didn’t read it, because I got all the news I needed to get about Palmer and tOSU here.

  3. BW wrote,

    Just to update you guys about “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trojan”. Jessica Hardy tested positive for banned substance which may prohibit her to compete for the Olympic. We need to send her the t-shirt.

    [T-H’s Note: Pretty funny. She went to Cal, and never had any trouble. Then she comes to USC to train for the Olympics, and she gets busted for stimulants. Hmmm. And guess what — She’s claiming to be completely innocent. If she’s telling the truth and it was just a faulty test, then she’s still just a Cal Bear, but if she is Guilty of Doping, then her conversion to Trojanism must have already been completed.]

  4. Ken S wrote,

    I have NO great love for Ohio State and in fact HATE them (I’m an IOWA grad), but I do hope they kick the living crap out of the SCum that has their campus in the ghetto. For one game only I will be a Buckeye fan.

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