Hey, hey, hey — No Blurred Lines here.  They’re far from plastic, they’re good girls, and I know you want it, so now, to kick off BeatSC Week, I don’t be Robin you — instead I give you a nice Thicke crisply-focused 45-photo pictorial of the UCLA Spirit Squad, including the girls I missed in the last article

It’s gonna get nasty.  This is Rivalry Week.  The BeatSC Bonfire is tonight on campus.  Thursday is Thanksgiving, when relatives get together and fight.  Can you imagine a family that contains both Bruins and trojans?  Good thing the feast is prior to the game, or the gloating would be more pervasive than the bloating.  With any luck, the trojans will still be in a tryptophan haze on Saturday when they take the Coliseum field as 4-point favorites against UCLA.

UCLA is reeling from a series of injuries.  Two key Offensive Linemen have broken legs/ankles, FOUR Running Backs have broken wheels/concussions, a Starting Cornerback has a hamstring problem, and a Kick Returner is out as well.  Based on all of that, the 4-point spread should be 14.  And if you throw in a little thing called “momentum,” make it 40, as the Bruins are coming off a heartbreaking loss, while the trojans ride in on a wave of positive emotion and a lengthy winning streak.

With a raucous trojan crowd in the Coliseum, where the Bruins have floundered for a decade, the Bruins will have to play their best game of the year to compete.  And Head Coach Jim Mora will have to do an unprecedented job of motivation and strategizing if UCLA wants to prolong their ownership of the Victory Bell.

As you can tell, I am not confident, and am more or less dreading the trip to South Central.  I am not overly pessimistic either, since I do have some faith in Mora and Brett Hundley, and I know that anything can happen in a Rivalry Game, but I will be in Vegas prior to the game, and any wagers I make will be of the “reverse mojo” variety.

Speaking of mojo, the UCLA Spirit Squad never loses theirs, even when things on the field or court don’t go their way.  Here are 45 more shots from this past weekend.  Please enjoy, and click on the pics to enlarge them.


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