Floyd really hit the Jackpot with that Crackpot.

Chuggin’ Huggins dug the trouble-lugging thug, but stopped tugging because he knew that taking Mayo would be begging for a mugging

So usc Head Basketball Coach Tim Floyd has WORSE JUDGEMENT than a guy who got caught drinking and driving?

Bob Huggins is currently the Head Coach at West Virginia, after a year at Kansas State and 16 years at Cincinnati.  It was during his successful tenure at UC where he earned his reputation for Winning at the expense of Academics (apparently graduating only about 30% of his players), but it was that attitude — along with a No Contest plea to Driving Under the Influence — that got him ousted in Cinci, despite his on-the-court results.

While at Kansas State, he was recruited BY O.J. Mayo, who wanted to play for Huggins at KSU.  But Huggins is now implying that he KNEW that O.J. Mayo was already in violation of NCAA eligibility rules, and would not be worth taking onto his team.

Huggins is being “quoted” secondhand as saying that since Mayo AND HIS FRIENDS were getting cash and other benefits from an Agency guy, Mayo would never be allowed to play College Ball, or if he was, the NCAA would bring down the Program who took him.

Which begs the questions:   Why didn’t the NCAA find what Huggins already KNEW; and, Why didn’t Tim Floyd have a clue, when EVERY other Coach in the Country shied away?  An article currently on Sports Illustrated’s web site completely trashes usc, citing tons of irrefutable hard evidence, calling their denials pathetic, and calling troy the definition of “Lack of Institutional Control.”  Of course, they also predict that sc will once again escape punishment, because of the NCAA’s total impotence.

Remember when you had to come HERE to get the dirt on usc?  Now it’s EVERYWHERE, even on their own sites.  Scott Wolf currently has ANOTHER post about the massive attractiveness gap between the UCLA Dance Team and the sc song girls.  Wolf himself called the difference “embarrassing.”  If I were usc, I would pull his Press privileges — Even if he’s right, there is no reason to print something so blatantly insulting to the innocent co-eds like that, especially on a site called “Inside usc.”  Why doesn’t he just say that the “hot” Co-eds won’t apply, to be part of a Program KNOWN for sexually assualting hot Co-eds?