Sanchez vandalized troy’s chance to win.

The trojans NEED therapy, because there’s no Ducking the fact that they are no longer the Conference’s elite team after Oregon beats them, 24-17

Yeah, yeah, we saw the Bruin game too, but if you want to hear about that, go somewhere else, where they are more than happy to blame the Coach while ignoring a series of devastating injuries.

We rather talk about the Oregon Game in Eugene, where the so-called troy dynasty was finally laid to rest.  The 13-9 game and the Stanford Upset should have already made it known, but for the dense people out there, the trojans gave them one more sample of especially mediocre play.

They didn’t QUIT (like Affholter), but Mark Sanchez threw a horrible Interception to kill off their comeback attempt.

We don’t have time for any more tonight, but after the FALLOUT, we’ll be back to snicker some more.  Remember, we hate sc more than we love UCLA, so yesterday wasn’t as bad for us as it was for most of you.  Sorry.  And the Bruins still lead the trojans in the Pac-10, in a year where ANYTHING can happen.



  1. Fox 71 Avatar
    Fox 71

    I’m a Bruin first and foremost. I have an easy question for you. Do you believe that UCLA’s current head coach is doing such a good job that he should return as the head coach for next season? That’s a “yes” or “no” question.

  2. admin Avatar

    Dear Fox —

    NO, that is NOT an easy question, nor does it deserve a yes or no answer.

    First of all, for the one hundredth time: We have built a relationship with the Official UCLA Spirit Squad, and have actually made some contacts/friends within the UCLA Football Office. In order for this web site to survive, and get any inside information at all, we need to “cultivate” these relationships. Therefore, EVEN IF WE THOUGHT KARL SHOULD BE FIRED, we wouldn’t “promote” that opinion here. Do you understand? It would be like Chris Roberts asking for Karl’s removal in the middle of one of his Game Broadcasts. That would not be Professional, and Roberts would be fired.

    If you are asking if we are satisfied with the Season so far, the answer is obviously “no.” However, the MAIN reason for the struggles has NOT been Coaching, it has been INJURIES. Basically, 8 of the Bruins’ 10 most important players have been fighting major medical issues, and the back-ups have not performed well at all. You can say that recruiting wasn’t good enough THREE YEARS AGO, but we already knew that, and the Recruiting since then has already improved.

    So, NO, we don’t BLAME DORRELL for everything that has gone wrong, and NO, we certainly don’t think he should be getting tortured by disgruntled fans during the season. It is ridiculous to call yourself a Bruin fan, and then secretly (or not-so-secretly) root for them to lose so the Coach will look bad and maybe be replaced. Fans need to support the Program, especially while the Bruins still control their own destiny in terms of winning the Pac-10 and going to the Rose Bowl. With all the surprises this year, it is not all that far-fetched. Obviously, the Bruins play better against tougher foes, so how would you feel if you signed a dump dorrell petition, and then they beat sc again, this time for a Rose Bowl berth?

    All that being said, would we love to have a new Coach with a stellar reputation and instant credibility, who could boost recruiting and fan interest? Sure, who wouldn’t? But, will UCLA put out money for someone like that, or would they just promote from within, giving the job to another untested rookie HC? We are not going to trash KD, just so we can get another guy that will need to be trashed a few years down the road. Lou Holtz ain’t walking through those doors any time soon.

    Bottom line is: We are trying to be supportive of UCLA, and right now, during a season that is far from lost, that means biting our tongues when we might otherwise want to whine along with everyone else.

    Get it?

  3. PasadenaBruin Avatar

    Nice response to a tough question. Although I would like a new coach, I dont want to re-live this experience by hiring the wrong coach. I understand the premise of ur site and agree that we should continue to support our school.

  4. BruinFan1 Avatar

    You have contradicted yourself:

    “Yeah, yeah, we saw the Bruin game too, but if you want to hear about that, go somewhere else, where they are more than happy to blame the Coach while ignoring a series of devastating injuries.”

    You have implicitly implied that none of this is Dorrell’s fault. It is the fault of injuries. That would be a “yes” answer to what Fox 71 asked you – do you believe that Dorrell should return next year as head coach? Your answer is yes.

    This either confirms one of two things: 1.) You know very little about UCLA football since the entire nation sees Dorrell for what he is now; or 2.) You are willing to put the best interest of UCLA sports aside so you can satisfy your own needs or desires (your desire to keep your inside connections).

    You are no fan sir. You are the reason why mediocrity permeates in our program. Nice goin’ Ace.

  5. admin Avatar

    Deaf B-F:

    Your hostile attitude notwithstanding, let us try again to explain, because you are not comprehending the situation correctly. If we were to come out and trash the Coach (ignoring all the injuries and blaming him for the lack of depth), it would NOT be in the “best interest” of UCLA. It would just perpetuate the growing stereotype that Bruin fans are a bunch of no-class whiners who can’t support the Program (despite controlling their own Rose Bowl destiny) in times of struggle. Perhaps if there were an actual chance for a mid-season regime change, then your agenda might not be insignificant. But when you realize that your MOOT bitching doesn’t do anything but bring everyone down, you would think that it would stop until the end of the year. Perhaps if the top two QB’s, top 4 RB’s, top 2 WR’s, top Lineman, and top LB weren’t all injured, then maybe we wouldn’t be so “accepting of mediocrity.”

    But the main thing that you have to remember as you claim that we are not REAL Bruin fans, is that..uh…this site is SATIRE!!! This is NOT a “blog” of one guy’s honest opinions. We are WAY more concerned with BEATING SC than everything else combined. That is NOT how a “real Bruin fan” should feel, and we know it. We prefer 1-11 to 11-1 if the 1 is sc, and our readers preferred 2006 to 2005’s “superior” year, because of the Big Game results.

    And even if you can’t grasp the concept that this whole site is NOT for real, then try this: We haven’t exactly been singing the man’s praises; Just pointing out that with this many crucial injuries, even Pete Carroll’s team would underachieve. Oh wait, look across town, because THEY ARE.

    So if you want to waste your time (and ours) continuing this debate (in the wrong forum for it), go ahead, but keep in mind: If it is hostile, we probably won’t bother approving it, and, more importantly, you’re wasting your breath if you are trying to convince us of the man’s ability. We understand, but our little under-the-radar site jumping on the dumpdorrell bandwagon is NOT going to change anything for the Program… and it wouldn’t help us, and might even hurt us, with our MOST IMPORTANT DUTY: Supplying Cheerleader photos to our loyal readers. You might think that the Cheerleaders themselves might want a change too, but like us, it’s just not right for them to show it… at this point.

    Are you still reading? Is ANYONE still reading? We doubt it. But if you’re still looking for a yes or no answer, and you shouldn’t be, we’ll just say that there are plenty of guys that we’d prefer at the helm next year, unless UCLA beats sc again this year.

    And here’s what’s really scary: We are starting to WANT A CHANGE, just to shut up all the haters, racists, and @ssholes out there. (But we don’t mean YOU, BF).


  6. UCLADavid Avatar

    Let the “Fire Dorrell” haters go to one of the hundred other sites dedicated to that purpose. You continue to serve a valuable service by cheering up many Bruins who would much rather watch you continue to bash the Trojans than jump on the bandwagon currently being serviced by those other “hater” web sites. Anyone Bruin who doesn’t remember to revel in Trojan misery doesn’t remember what it is to be a Bruin. Go Bruins! Beat ‘SC! 13-9!

  7. JP Avatar

    As much as I want Dorrell fired, I understand your precarious situation.

    I’m a big fan of this site…keep the photos coming!

  8. Fox 71 Avatar
    Fox 71

    Re your response to my comment and your response to BruinFan1’s comment. In my opinion, you dodged the question. You have a niche – anti sc – and a writing style which I enjoy. But no matter how you try to spin it, you can’t be objective about the current football administration at UCLA. Nobody in your position could. You either have to be an outsider, with no relationships to cultivate, or remain an insider with relationships and access, but respectfully with no respect from those who don’t share those relationships.

    I will remain a faithful reader, because I greatly enjoy watching you skewer those miserable thugs from across town. But you’ll pardon me if I skip over any comments you have about our team. I think you traded your objectivity on that score for “cultivated relationships.” You simply look like a Morgan Center syncophant.

    For once, I agree with BruinFan1, and believe it or not, that is really a remarkable circumstance.

  9. Andy Avatar

    We have become the pre-2004 Red Sox fans… let’s hope for a National Championship soon…

  10. Bruin88 Avatar

    “You are the reason why mediocrity permeates in our program.” What!?! I thought Dorrell was the reason. Oh, I guess since YOU don’t constantly bash Dorrell, by extension you are the reason the program is not undefeated and currently “mired in mediocrity”. Damn, I had no idea. What can be done to get back to the days of great coaches, undefeated seasons and annual championships. Ha, Ha. What an idiot basher (off to BN with you, BF!).

    Yes, if Dorrell keeps losing we should find a replacement at the END of the season. Do we want to rush into hiring a replacement we’ll need to can in 3 more years? I say no. DG got us a great Basketball coach and he will do what he needs to do to fix the football program, if needed, at the appropriate time. The man got us Ben (freaking) Howland. We need to give the man some time to sort this out.

  11. admin Avatar

    Hey Fox —

    At the risk of alienating a regular reader who has SOME nice things to say:

    If you are going to try to insult us with BIG words, trying learning them first. The word is “sycophant,” not “syNcophant.” And don’t say it was a typo — the “n” is not next to the “y” or the “c.” You clearly don’t know how to spell – or pronounce – the word.

    A real sycophant, or “servile flatterer” as defined by Merriam-Webster, would not just withhold their true feelings. A real sycophant would be SINGING HIS PRAISES through all of this drama. We are doing nothing of the kind. Show us where we COMPLIMENT the man, or demand his retention. All we do is point out the injuries and other circumstances that make it unfair to judge the man the way he is being judged, in an effort for Bruin fans to act with some semblence of Class while the man is still the Coach. That is hardly sycophantic behavior. We might be unabashed flatterers of the Cheerleaders, but we truly believe every word we write about them, so again, you shouldn’t have a problem with that either. Please read between the lines, and notice the comments like how we’ll celebrate a new Coach along with everyone else, WHEN the time comes. For someone who likes the writing style here, you should be able to appreciate the subtle way that we betray everything that you accuse us of.

    But above and beyond all of that, you are still making a huge overall mistake: You are taking this site too seriously, like it’s trying to be some serious journalistic Editorial Commentary. We are still just going for laughs, and trying to get Bruin fans to lighten up while the Season could still turn out to be somewhat successful (by trojan-hating standards).

    Now — If you choose to continue this “serious” dialogue on this site that desperately wants to stay light-hearted, go ahead, but be careful — We have to “approve” all comments before they actually appear on the site, and we don’t like being insulted with fancy (albeit misspelled) words. So if you want your response to be seen, be nice(r).

    In fact, can’t you just take this fight to some other site, and just enjoy WITH US the latest installment of Bushgate, coming soon to Theaters and Drive-Ins near you?

  12. Fox 71 Avatar
    Fox 71

    Understood. And thanks for fixing me on “sycophant.” I was so certain I was spelling it right I looked it up, and was a bit chagrined to discovery I was not quite as literate and erudite as I thought. (My least favorite misspelling is “floundering.” “Oh, gosh. The team is floundering.” That means the team is fishing for those really flat fish with both eyes on the same side of their head, sort of like Popeye.

    As I said, I enjoy ready stuff here. (No, I don’t click on this site just for the pictures – not that there’s anything wrong with that.) I wish you were more critical of our head coach, but I also wish I had a Porterhouse Steak tree in my back yard. Ah, well.

    But you can’t claim to be just another humor and satire blog when you break the news about bu$h getting sued. That’s a big time hit. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. I’m a lawyer, so I’ll tell you that filing a lawsuit doesn’t necessarily mean anything. The best thing that can happen for a plaintiff’s lawyer is to settle the case the day it’s filed, because that means a payday. Bu$h has tons of money – whatever it is that these guys want would be chump-change for him. And most cases settle anyway. But we’ll see. I hope that all parties stay deeply principled, and insist that their dispute gets resolved by a jury. Sort of like a famous running back from justsc did once in the past.

  13. admin Avatar

    Dear Fox —

    First of all, thank you for keeping it civil. I thought you were going to react petulantly, in response to the spelling tip.

    I like this (your latest post), especially the part about how “foundering” has become “floundering,” just because of common misuse.

    I have a feeling that you probably want to retract the part about “breaking” the Bush story. It was mentioned on BruinZone, Yahoo,, and the local Sports News TV Broadcasts before it appeared here. And remember about “The Daily Show.” Just because they infuse some REAL stories into their show, doesn’t make them a REAL News show.

  14. Fox 71 Avatar
    Fox 71

    Nothing to be gained by not being civil. And anyway, we’re on the same side. We can have disputes withing the family. Keep up the good work, and when you start veering away from the absolute truth (accordiing to me) I’ll try to nudge you back on the path of righteousness.

    Question: Do any of your inside contacts have any counterparts at sc thay can talk to and find out what’s really going on over there? My guess is that the wagons are tightly circled.

  15. admin Avatar

    Fox —

    Our only “friend” at sc is a bigtime booster, who might give us trojan GOOD news, but would never, that is NEVER, divulge anything negative about his beloved Program.

    From the outside looking in, it looks like either Bush settles with Lake TOMORROW, or the NCAA gets enough info to ACT.

  16. Erin…

    Hats off to you my good man….