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His baloney has a first name, but it isn’t “O-S-C-A-R.”

Ex-trojan who allegedly showed photos of his “little trojan” to unwilling female co-workers, finally gets the shaft, but claims that he pulled out

Looks like The Flasher’s career could be petering out.  Or coming to be more in-your-face.

After suffering through a SCandal at ESPN last year involving the unwanted sharing of his penis, ex-usc Quarterback Sean Salisbury is no longer employed by the Sports TV Leader.  It is shocking that it took this long for the ax to fall, considering today’s corporate zero-tolerance mentality when it comes to Sexual Harassment.  After all, what could be more harassing than forcing Penis Polaroids on to unsuspecting female staff-members?

But now it looks like ESPN, like Indiana U. with Kelvin Sampson, feared some sort of bogus wrongful termination suit, just in case Salisbury hired Carmen Trutanich and the evidentiary Polaroids suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from the evidence room, or just in case Salisbury assembled a Dream Team who produced a Condom, and said that if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.  So instead of firing him back then, ESPN just waited for the next contract negotiations, and then laughed him and his 7-figure request right out the door.

Salisbury seems to think that he has established his own “brand,” and that he is a very marketable commodity.  So, in order to sell himself, he is going on a campaign of trojan spin, trying to tell anyone who will listen that ESPN didn’t really can him, that he left on his own.  He says that he purposely asked for a ludicrous amount of money, way more than he could ever be worth, just so that he could escape their clutches and be free.

Are you buying this crap?  It gets worse —

He actually has the gall to blame his lack of market value as a Broadcaster on the fact that he SUCKED as a Quarterback.  He says that he is better than all the REAL athletes, because he over-prepares, and puts more work in than the TALENTED Players-turned-Analysts do.  But Sean doesn’t earn as much as them, because he couldn’t pass the ball worth a damn.

Why are ex-trojans so arrogant, and so out-of-touch with what people think of them?  All you – or Sean – has to do is Google him and this news story, and if you or he wind up on any heavily-trafficked blog with copious reader comments, you’d see an overwhelming current of nasty, negative feedback, from a diverse public (not Bruins) who all seem to despise Salisbury’s smarmy arrogance.  And most of them aren’t even aware of the infamous Polaroids, and they still can’t stand him.  

Well, if you are a local Bruin fan who is celebrating the fact that Hall of Famer Cris Carter will now be on ESPN instead of someone who doesn’t have a clue what it’s like to be an NFL winner, you better hold off on popping that Champagne:  Salisbury is already talking to FSN.  Oh no!  It’s bad enough having to deal with Petros, and Lonnie White covering Sports in town, but adding Salisbury to that mix would be toxic.  He has one other potential gig that could save us from that horrible fate:  He is supposedly talking to CBS, about a NON-Sports job.  Excellent:  Put him on a hokey, low-brow Reality Show aimed at brainless trash – or make him Doogie Howser’s new Boyfriend on “How I Met Your Mother” – and we’ll never have to see him – or his organ – again. 

"ESPN PUTS A STAKE IN SALISBURY" was published on February 28th, 2008 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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  1. Josephine Bruin wrote,

    great picture!!!! trojan arrogance makes me sick!

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