BCS Confirms:  If the trojans (who feel entitled to everything) lose their Appeal, their lone BCS Title will be officially stripped

Maybe there are no Balls in the Associated Press, but the BCS may have just redefined what their “B” stands for.  On Tuesday, the BCS announced that upon the [expected] failure of usc’s Appeal of their NCAA sanctions, the trojans’ only BCS Title will be rescinded.

Right about now, a certain crystal football is being flown to “Pawn Stars” in Las Vegas.

Just like all the images, tributes, and records of Bush and Mayo had to be removed, sc should also have to remove any mention whatsoever of EVER winning a BCS Crown.

While some people may be pleased with this news about the BCS finally showing some common sense, some others are not satisfied.  Tommy Tuberville was the Coach of undefeated Auburn when sc was disqualified, so he thinks that his team or one of  two other teams (Utah, Oklahoma) should get the vacated Title.  In fact, he is calling for a RE-VOTE.  He says that it has been only 5 years, and it is absurd to think that the voters can’t still recall the situation, and responsibly vote again.  He insists that someone who didn’t cheat should be awarded the trophy.

Unfortunately for The Big Tuber, the BCS is NOT likely to grant his wish.  After the Appeal is thrown out, the BCS WILL do something besides vacate the Title, but it won’t be a re-vote.  Their attitude is that the [OU/sc] Title Game was never played, so no trophy shall be awarded.  The counterpoint to that is:  Was it just the Title Game that was never played, or was it the whole season?   Can’t the BCS name a Champion based on the games that WERE played?  But the BCS says no, because they will never know how Auburn would have fared against Oklahoma (for instance).  So probably, they are going to “recognize” all three schools, for their admirable 2004 accomplishments, but the crystal football trophy from Heritage Hall will be re-poed back to the BCS, NOT transferred to another school.

Personally I don’t care who, if anyone, gets it… as long as the cheating SCumbags don’t.  


One response to ““ENTITLED” UN-TITLED”

  1. dswenson Avatar

    Have you seen or heard, cabana boy, Matt Barkley guaranteeing another win over us this year? I hope he gets that smile wiped off his face. He is such a – BRAT!!! He is a real trOJan, just like St. Patrick.

    [T-H’s Note: Yeah, it was sort of a healf-hearted throwaway line, but hoepfully enough to further motivate the Bruins.]