Judas Priest!  Having eyes as pretty as those of the UCLA Spirit Squad should be considered Breaking the Law, but if you think that’s all they’ve got, You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

With the Football Season over, and with the struggling Basketball team on a week-long break, it’s time to get Energ(eye)zed .  So feast your eyes on this brand new photo-array of the UCLA Spirit Squad, which will hit you right between the eyes.  Yes, the eyes have it (obvious one), as this sight-for-sore-eyes collection features EVERY SINGLE female member of the Dance Team and Cheer Squad, and for the FIRST TIME EVER, all the girls are recognized BY NAME. 

I know that with your old favorites recently graduated, you have not yet really connected with the current team to that same degree, so I’m breaking tradition, and including all the girls’ (first) names, in order to help you heap (deserved) praise on them, distinguish them from one another, and enable/encourage you get to know them on an individual basis.  I hope I get them all right — It took me SIX YEARS to do this with any semblence of confidence.

Please enjoy this eye-popping pictorial, and then focus your energy on cosmically helping UCLA break their practically-unprecedented SEVEN-game losing streak across the two major sports.

Note:  All the above shots were taken at the u$c game, at night.  A flash was used, causing much “red eye” effect, so many of these shots have been “Photoshopped” to try to decrease that issue.  Hopefully, it doesn’t detract too much from your enjoyment.


7 responses to “ELECTRIC EYES”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    The Eyes have it!

  2. Robert Avatar

    It kinda makes makes you feel like “Living after Midnight”

  3. Vu Avatar

    this year, it seems like the cheer squad is cuter than the dance team… Elise, I miss you! (and Katie too!)

    [T-H’s Note: The Cheer Squad has experienced a marked upgrade recently. And yes, by virtue of being smaller and more pixie-like, I can see that they could be considered “cuter.” But that should not be seen as a slight of the Dance Team, who has long, sleek lines and super-model looks, which might be classified as more “beautiful” than “cute.” I’ll assume that THAT is what you were implying: A compliment to the Cheer Squad, but NOT an insult to the Dance Team.]

  4. Vu Avatar

    most definitely not a slight of the dance team! Kate is beautiful. but I think for the first time, the cheer squad is at their level (in a different way).

  5. Robert Avatar

    @Vu, I would put it in a different way, I would say that the scale is now evenly balanced as opposed to the Dance team enjoying all the attention in the past. I’m a HUUUUUUGE Katie fan, I miss her like you have no idea, but in chatting with the some of the current Dance team members, I can say that these girls are SUPER nice as well, like Nikki and Maya…and may I say Roxanne, and Chelsea both ROCK for the cheer team? I just love them!!

  6. JP Avatar

    This fall season has not been kind to us Bruins (to say the least), but these girls make it bearable.

  7. Robert Avatar

    @T-H, speaking of “Eye” man, you really do have a great “eye” for picking out these beauties.