Food, folks, and funds… LOTSA funds — The UCLA Spirit Squad All-Access Reception is a runaway smash success, as superstar appearances, silent auction online bidding, free alcohol, yummy appetizers and even yummier Cheerleaders bring in unprecedented attendance and overwhelming financial support

Sometimes inflation is good.  For instance, one item in the UCLA Spirit Squad All-Access Reception Silent Auction that went for $150 last year, instead raised over $900 for the Squad this year.  In fact, that $921 bid came in with several hours left in the auction, and with another estimated 20 bids coming in after that, for all I know the final bid might have been around $3000.  Final tallies weren’t released to me, but with trips to Paris complete with hotel stays, Spa Retreats, Ski Vacations, Reno Trips, fancy restaurant meals, autographed balls, and other assorted prizes available, God and Mollie only know how much the Spirit Squad raked in.  Since the auction was ONLINE this year, that meant that not just Reception Attendees were allowed to participate, and the extra easy access to bidding equaled astronomical new highs collected this year.

Congratulations to the ever-so-deserving squad, which will use the proceeds for uniforms, school, coaching staff, and travel expenses.  Thanks to your glorious and generous support, UCLA will continue to have the ultimate, elite Spirit Squad in the Nation.

On hand to help celebrate the Squad were Brett Hundley, Myles Jack, Norman Powell, Tyus Edney, and Baseball Coach John Savage, amongst many other Bruin athletes/celebrities.  Also in attendance was the UCLA Junior Spirit Squad, made up of dozens of cutie future Spirit Squad recruits.

To make the evening even more enjoyable, the event offered an open bar, with wine, beer, and Vodka Lemonade.  And you could wash down that alcohol with delicious hors d’oeuvres including sliders, chicken sausage melt sandwiches, and skewers of different flavorful meat, and of shrimp.  Dessert was strawberry cheesecake bites, and nutty graham cracker-chocolate-coconut squares.  Everything was delectable.

Which brings me to the highlight of the affair:  The actual members of the current UCLA Spirit Squad.  This is the night where you get to personally interact with the students, and re-learn that they aren’t just pretty faces.  You find out about how hard they study, how difficult their subject matter/majors/double-majors are, and how they are planning on grad school/law school/med school.  I was a straight A honors student at UCLA, on the Dean’s list year after year — But I don’t think I could have done it if I was taking the classes that these kids are taking.  They are truly impressive, and you can’t help but realize what wonderful ambassadors they are and will continue to be for UCLA —  The finest representatives of the Blue and Gold that you could ever ask for.

OK — So now you know that they are beautiful and intelligent.  But the most important thing to me is how NICE they are to me.  It’s not like I’m some high roller, big-dollar Wasserman-type contributor, but they still treat me like royalty, making me feel significant.  Their manner, their smiles, and their attitudes are to be commended.  Everyone I spoke with was patient and spent time with me, instead of brushing me off for bigger game.  I truly appreciate thier CLASS.

Special, personal thanks go out to Kali, Kayley, Riana, Paula, Caroline, Karen, and Aaron — Those are the squadmembers with whom I interacted the most.  The other students weren’t rude or dismissive or anything — I just didn’t get the honor of mingling with them on this night.  I also got a few moments of pleasurable discourse with Nicole, Tracy, Lucy, the Moms of Kelly P. and of Caroline, Sean (i.e. the “Professor”), Charlie, Joseph, Ralph, Geof Strand, and of course, Mollie — and all of them made me feel welcome at the gala.  I had a great time, even though I didn’t win any prizes — It was PRIZE ENOUGH just getting to spend time with such a sweet group of people, especially the squadmembers themselves.

Below are 27 more photos from the event.


3 responses to “EDIBLE FUND-IES”

  1. Franak Avatar

    Why is MaCall out of uniform? And what the heck is she wearing?

    [T-H’s Note: MaCall (and McKenna) helped organize the event, so they were allowed to wear street clothes… and they both looked GREAT!]

  2. UCLADal Avatar

    Great job as usual T-H! You are truly the Spirit Squad’s ambassador. Keep up the good work! GO BRUINS!

    P.S. Fans of Beatsc.com: if you’re a season ticket holder, remember to make a donation to the Spirit Squad when you renew your tickets. It’s also tax deductible! If you’re not a season ticket holder but enjoy the website, consider making one too.

  3. BirminghamBrave Avatar

    Sweet Caroline!