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Take a magical ride back in time, as, by request,  an Elise-themed pictorial makes this the Happiest Site on Earth

I may be Goofy sometimes, but when I get a request from my Small World of readers, I seriously try to fulfill it.  Like Disneyland, this site is all about making dreams come true (like the dream of getting U$C shut down once and for all), so when someone yesterday Wished Upon A Star (Elise), I didn’t say “Never-Never;” Instead, I sprung (like Tigger) into action, and found 40 classic photos of one of the Fairest Princesses Of Them All. Welcome to Fantasyland.

[Note:  Since these photos are from a few years ago, they are much LARGER than the ones from 2010-2011.  So, if you click on them, most of them will enlarge to be BIGGER than your entire computer screen.]

"E-TICKET" was published on August 15th, 2011 and is listed in UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

Comments on "E-TICKET": 5 Comments

  1. Sparky wrote,

    Well said! She is indeed one of the finest to grace the campus! It must have been stressful on the old heart to have to comb through volume’s of Elise photos in order to choose the best 40. I hope you recover soon!

  2. ralph romero wrote,

    Thank you. She is by far the most beatiful UCLA cheerleader to don the powder blue.

  3. Don Roskopf wrote,

    Elise is a very pretty young lady!

  4. wheels wrote,

    Elise is HOT!!!

  5. wheels wrote,

    Elise is SUPER HOT!!!

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