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Jilt by association — Disgruntled Bruin fans think that Neuheisel and the contents of his Passion Bucket are circling the drain, but the idea that the overflowing quality of the UCLA Spirit Squad is also drying up just doesn’t hold water

Even after a win, the dissenting voices are the loudest.  UCLA is coming off a 27-17 win over San Jose State, but sometimes a Win is NOT a win.  For some people, the precarious victory over one of the worst teams in the Country was less of a triumph, and more of a harbinger of doom.  While the players are unified in their attitude that even an ugly win is good for momentum, fans and sports-wagerers aren’t so sure.  As the internet Bruin-bashing continues, the line for the upcoming UCLA-Texas game has been set:  The struggling Longhorns, despite two unspectacular victories, and despite relying on their 3rd-string Quarterback, and despite being on the road, are 3-point favorites over the Bruins. Oddsmakers actually set the OPENING line at 4 and a half, but early betting ON the Bruins has already knocked the spread down to just a Field Goal — Apparently not everyone has given up on the Bruins.

But for those of you who HAVE given up on UCLA, please don’t let that effect your affection for the UCLA Spirit Squad.  Despite a rather high level of turnover from last year, the 2011 version of the squad is as stellar as always, and is certainly worthy of your love and devotion.  Below are 25 more photos from Saturday, when the new incarnation made their de facto “debut” for public consumption, in scrumptious fashion.

But first, speaking of scrumptious, the first NFL “What’s Your Deal?” Bowl was held yesterday, when Jim Harbaugh faced Pete Carroll in the 49er-Seahhawk match-up.  Harbaugh was the Coach at Stanford who got under Pete the Cheat’s skin by going for two while they were blowing out the trojans, in a “taste-of-your-own-medicine” F-You.  After that game, Carroll asked Harbaugh “What’s Your Deal?”  to which Harbaugh replied appropriately:  “What’s YOUR Deal?”  On Sunday, Harbaugh dealt Carroll and Seattle a season-opening defeat, as San Francisco won going away, 33-17.  Frisco was up 16-0, but Seattle cut the lead to 2 late in the game, before two Ted Ginn Kick Return TD”s stuck it to Pete in painful fashion.


Reminder:  Click on the photos to zoom in on them, especially the ones that are horizontal — they will enlarge to fill up your widescreen monitor.

"DON’T THROW OUT THE BABES WITH THE BATHWATER" was published on September 12th, 2011 and is listed in News from the Dark Side, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.


  1. UCLADal wrote,

    Nice job as usual T-H. At least us Bruin fans have something to look forward to.

  2. jp wrote,

    The new asian girl is very sexy.

  3. fastfreddie47 wrote,

    Was Prince worst or Price, my god time to clean house, that game was just embarrassing. O; coach Rick has got to go!

  4. Ricardo wrote,

    Once again great pics,BUT you always leave out the panty shots???????Seriously,thats why cheerleaders are there.Anyone who says they don’t care or want to see whats under her skirt is either a lier or gay period

    [T-H’s Note: I know, I know… but the Spirit Squad has a zero-tolerance policy on “panty shots;” Besides, they are now like friends (or little sisters) to me, so I don’t take that type of shot. I’m sorry, but I’m sure you can find plenty by using Google. Even the Spirit Squad’s Official web site has some (I guess it’s okay for them to do it — Sort of like Black people using the N-word)]

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