Where’s the beef?

Your meat will look better adorned with the 4 letters that stand for good taste:  “UCLA.”

Now THAT’S the way to tailgate.

Finally, after all these years, you can now show your Bruin Pride with your meat.  It’s time to proudly wave your weiners at passers-by, proclaiming your undying devotion to UCLA.  Last week we showed you the UCLA pancakes, and this week, we bring you UCLA “Grill Toppers.”

This new invention actually comes in sets for many different schools, including, probably, that “ketchup & mustard” one, but you can go to and order just the UCLA ones.  You will be the hit of Lot H when you whip out your UCLA-emblazoned weiners for all the Bruin co-eds to enjoy.  The reaction is sure to be off the CHARts.