Tangled Up In Red — Dillon Baxter’s career is Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, after he is kicked off the trojan Football team, probably for whining Just Like A Woman

Everybody Must Get Stoned, and Dillon Baxter just got stoned, AGAIN, all the way out to Highway 61, as he will not be working on Kiffy’s farm no more.

Troubled trojan Tailback and former top recruit Dillon Baxter has finally worn out his welcome on the u$c Football team.  The player whom Pete Carroll thought was the second coming of Reggie Bush turned out to be less Bush and more Bust.  Baxter got in trouble more often than he got in the end zone.  Not good if you were betting on his team on TopBet.com.   Baxter was the player who got suspended for allegedly getting stoned on Pot, then again for accepting a golf cart ride on campus from an NFL Agent;  Then he lied about being tampered with by 5 other schools, to whom $C had to issue a formal apology; And lately he has been bitching and moaning about his lack of playing time, and about Lane Kiffin’s AGENDA that keeps Baxter on the sidelines.

Baxter recently missed some team activities for personal matters, and now he is off the team.  Maybe the personal matters included shopping his resume around to other programs.  Right now, he is still enrolled at u$c, supposedly concentrating on his academics, assuming you think that Ballroom Dancing-type classes are academic.  Maybe he’s sticking around to meet the Basketball team’s newest member, who just transferred in after getting busted for Driving While Impaired.  Baxter is probably dying to drown his sorrows about now, after watching two INJURED Tailbacks shred Notre Dame’s vastly overrated Defense.

You might be thinking that UCLA sure could use Baxter in 2013.  Hell no.  Not only would he fail to qualify academically, but the Bruins have enough problems without adding a total headcase to the mix.  Instead, he should just wait a year, and then use his Agent connection to try to go Pro.  It may be a pay cut from u$c, but at least he won’t have to pretend to go to class during the week.  And he can follow in the footsteps of Reggie Bush, LenDale White, Sultan McCullough, Joe McKnight — all the other trojan Running Backs who couldn’t carry Maurice Jones-Drew’s jock in the NFL.  Even the trojan Pro Wide Receivers are choking this year, with Steve Smith, Mike Williams, Damien Williams, and Keary Colbert all underperforming this season, not even blips on the radars of Fantasy Football Owners.  By the way, Jones-Drew is the current League LEADER in Rushing yards for the season, despite playing for a lousy team and a really lousy Coach.  Monday night was a huge aberration, as MJD fumbled 3 times and the team actually won.  He won’t keep fumbling, and they won’t keep winning, but he WILL keep gaining big chunks of yards… just like Dillon Baxter will keep gaining big chunks of notoriety for being a headache for anyone who employs him.


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  1. t-h Avatar

    Note to Tara, or Dren, or Nerd, or whatever you are calling yourself: Why would you think that I would approve your trojan comments for publication? Must be that u$c education. None of my readers will ever be subjected to your opinions. As you noted, this is an anti-trojan site, and thus, your views are not welcomed here. This is a trojan-free zone — A Sanctuary where Bruins and others don’t have to be infected with your holier-than-thou arrogance. And yes, I know that the Bruin Football team truly sucks, and has for a while now, sort of like sc’s did before they turned up the volume on their blatant cheating, their steroid use, and their guaranteeing of hefty cash payouts (and immunity to law enforcement), to recruits, to get them all to come to South Central in the first place. UCLA will rise again, but without resorting to the SCum tactics that Pete Carroll and Mike Garrett thrived on. And don’t bother responding — All your future correspondence will be automatically filtered into the trash file.

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    I’m surprised that that Tara, Dren, Nerd can actually read and write. Thanks for weeding out the idiots from the hood.

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    Good job Trojan Haters… don’t know why $c fans would be on here anyways, probably just trolling as usual.