DEPRESS CONFERENCE: If Love, DC, and Westy go Pro, Bruin fans may go Prozac

Going, going, gone:  Could ALL THREE of these Stars be gone?

UCLA’s roster may Shrink today, as Howland’s Press Conference could reveal if any imPatient Bruins are escaping to pursue their (Zo)lofty NBA goals

Brace yourselves.  And try not to go Mental.

According to the L.A. Times, it is possible that Kevin Love, Darren Collison, and Russell Westbrook could all declare for the NBA Draft this year, with the announcement coming today at Ben Howland’s Press Conference.  They also predict that KLove and DC will hire agents, thus passing the “Point of No Return” (which is actually more appropriate for a player from KANSAS, but let’s Carry On…).

ESPN and all three local 11:00pm TV news broadcasts “verified” the report, but just by saying that “…the L.A. Times is reporting…”  However, Brian Dohn of the Daily News is telling a different story.  He says that Collison denied making a decision yet, and that Love’s Mom also denies that Kevin has decided.  She specifically disputes the Times’ assertion that he already met with Coach Howland to inform him of his decision to bail.

There’s no way to know for sure until it happens, so all we can do is wait, and hope that the Times is wrong. 

There IS a possible explanation for the DC and Love denials:  Perhaps they just didn’t want any information out there before the Presser, so they flatly denied everything across the board.

However, there is also a possible explanation for why the Times would “F” up a huge story like this:  They are fully OWNED by usc.  Their unabashedly-biased coverage has been a long-running clue to that fact;  Sticking Bruins with Lonnie White – a former trojan Football Running Back – to cover all their events, was a bigger clue than if we told you that Colonel Mustard was in the Library with a bloody Candlestick;  And NOW… they have done the unthinkable:  They have COMBINED the UCLA and usc Blogs, into ONE Blog, written by a trojan!!!!!!!

The comments and responses at the Times’ web site should let them know what a monumental screw-up – and INSULT – this is to all UCLA fans.  They were barraged with complaints and threats of boycotts and discontinued subscriptions.

We would say:  “Why don’t they GET it?”  But, the fact is, they DO get it, and they are doing it anyway, just as an O.J.-style, twisted knife in the back.  Bruin fans are complaining that they WILL NOT allow their RSS feeders to deliver constant trojan news and articles to them, while others are just refusing to filter through all the sc crap to get to the rare UCLA entries on the site.

The writer himself claims that he will be unbiased.  What a load of bull.  What kind of trojan would be capable of taking his own years of being a part of the crime syndicate/school out of his reporting?  You don’t think he will downplay all the proof of their cheating, and of their complete lack of scholastic respectability?  If he doesn’t, he would be admitting his own lack of quality education.  There is NO WAY that he will treat UCLA with the same respect that he treats the trade school that made him everything that he is today.  Of course, The Times is aware of this fact, and they are counting on it.

If the Los Angeles Times had any Class at all, they would stop and think:  “Who reads a UCLA Blog?”  The obvious answer is UCLA fans, who the Times should know, do NOT want to read the envious, agenda-driven ramblings of someone who probably got rejected by UCLA and is still bitter, and who chose to buy a diploma at O.J.U. instead of earning a real degree, ANYWHERE else.

You know who would be better to do a UCLA Blog for the Times than a trojan?  How about a trojan-hater?  Could you imagine “t-h” and t-h’s camera, with an All-Access Press Pass?  After all,  all the photos you’ve been clicking on here were taken from the seats.  If they were taken from The Floor, right behind the baseline, you guys would’ve make this web site your home page.

Anyway, why don’t you tell the Los Angeles Times to re-segregate the two Blogs, and tell them who you think they should hire to write the UCLA one.  And let them know that I AM capable of writing “straight” UCLA articles, perfectly FIT for print in their Paper, without attacking the enemy, but WITH the respect and passion for UCLA that the job — and the readers — require.

Here’s an e-mail address for the L.A. Times Sports Section: 

And one for Bill Plaschke:

And one for Bill Dwyre:

And one for T.J. Simers:

And one for someone I went to school with, Bill Shaikin:

Please e-mail these guys, tell them about this site (or better yet, link it to them), and tell them why you will NOT read trojan-written Bruin news.  Then tell them who they should hire instead.

And here are a 4 more shots from San Antonio (sent in by a loyal friend).  Savor them, since the Bruins might not be favored to make it back to the Final Four next year, after the Press Conference.We know Love is Fleeting, but this still sucks.

Yeah, sure — UCLA gets all the calls.  Uh-huh.

Does KLove’s Love — and we don’t mean Mata-Real — have to leave too?  What if Kevin goes to the Lakers?

If all THESE students left this year, I’d have to break out the Paxil!  (”I’d wanna be sedated!”)


2 responses to “DEPRESS CONFERENCE: If Love, DC, and Westy go Pro, Bruin fans may go Prozac”

  1. frank Avatar

    you promised “dan” and the rest of us 300 more shots of Brianna i only counted one in todays print, what’s up with that? you need to keep your word since there’s a lot of us enjoying those shots over a cup of coffee before starting another day at work. brianna if you’re reading this we know you’re going BIG (good for you)…we called it the first time we glanced at you…you’re a professional piece of art and we mean this in a very nice way so please note this…

    Mr Trojan Hater thanks again for all your hard work! we can lose LOVE or WESTY but we sure hope we never lose YOU or BRIANNA…

    GO UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and as we say: you know what’s next…

    [T-H’s Note: The unseen Brianna shots will be popping up throughout the off-season. I didn’t mean that I was going to post all 300 right now! Patience…young Grasshopper. Patience.]

  2. Chuck Findley Avatar
    Chuck Findley

    Trojan Hater,

    We can only hope that the Big Three would choose to be Demi Gods of the NCAA instead of Semi- Clods in the NBA. Does Love really need to be the next Ostertaag next year? Collison broke my heart against Memphis. He really needs another year of seasoning. Is Westbrook following Farmar? Before I stare long and hard into the abyss, I console myself that Howland is still around. The coaching System is still intact. ” Oh bodies swayed to music, oh brightened glance, is it the dancer or the dance?” Is it the players or the coach?
    My beloved Bruins will be back in the PAC jack!
    On another note, I’m freezing my cojones off in Nor Cal. Howland’s boy has made an impact at Santa Clara. Stanford is in turmoil so add two more wins for UCLA. Sure, there’s a lot of hype for Briana. Blondes have more fun but brunettes get it done. Elise is a goddess and should be on the cover of Sports Illustrated!