DeMar DeRozan DeFrocks da trojans’ academics

3+1 = 3 — Ex-trojan’s “duh” moment and admission that he didn’t attend college discloses u$c’s despicable academic deception

Some people think that after 50 years, u$c is finally starting to close the academic gap by which it has always trailed UCLA.  They claim that by using their vast financial resources, they have been hiring (and poaching) better professors, and acquiring newer technology to help salvage their pathetic academic reputation.  This may all be true.  After all, with all their money, they SHOULD be able to provide everything needed for a high-quality education.  But don’t let this fool you — When it comes to athletics, they still have no integrity, and will admit ANYONE, and let them matriculate without putting in any effort scholastically speaking.  Case in point:  DeMar DeRozan.

The former u$c Basketball star’s lack of schooling was exposed to the Nation this week, as he was interviewed about a road trip.  When asked about his trip, he used fuzzy math indicative of his education.  After losing two games and having one left to play, he said he was hoping to end the trip 1-and-3.  So apparently, he thinks 1+3=3.  After getting called out by a teammate, he argued his case.  So even after being shown his mistake, he stood firmly by it, refusing to admit or even understand that he screwed up.  After a moment of deep reflection, he FINALLY started to figure it out, and his teammate had to explain that DeMar MEANT to say 1-FOR-3, not 1-AND-3.  Hooray!  Then his teammate made fun of DeRozan and the school DeRozan attended, saying sarcastically “USC, Baby!”  The way he said it implied that DeMar’s going to SC was the logical explanation for why he was so stupid.

But DeRozan’s momentary lapse of brain activity is NOT the highlight of the interview, and neither was his teammate’s blatant insult of U$C.  In an effort to explain away his faux pas, DeMar announced that he didn’t attend college his year at SC anyway.

Oops.  The jig is up.  A blatant admission to the press by a trojan athlete that he didn’t attend classes while still enrolled at, and playing for, U$C.  Not since trojan Footballer Marc Tyler admitted to getting paid to play for them has U$C been so burnt by one of their athletes… unless you count the Football player who is suing them for making him play through a concussion, blaming them for his brain damage.  Moral of the story:  The mind is a terrible thing to waste — or get wasted — by going to u$c.

In other news, ex-trojan Coach Pete Carroll and his Seahawks got knocked out of the NFL Playoffs this week, after backing into the game when Minnesota choked on a 27-yard field goal that would have knocked the Seahawks out the week before.  Against the Panthers on Sunday, Seattle fell behind 31-0 in the first half, as Carolina totally outclassed them, and whipped them in every facet of the game.  Carroll was completely out-coached, as the Panthers knew everything the Seahawks’s Offense was going to do, and stopped them in their tracks, while exploiting their every weakness on the other side of the ball as well.  Then, in the second half, Carolina went ultra-conservative, just trying not to lose, and they let Seattle back in the game.

Kudos to the Seattle players, including Bruins Cassius Marsh and Derrick Coleman, who never quit.  Even on Seattle’s last gasp — the final Onside Kick with the score 31-24, Coleman made a great hit, that could have saved the game, but the Panther held onto the ball despite getting upended, and that ended Seattle’s comeback attempt, and any chance at revenge against the Patriots, who memorably beat Seattle in the final seconds of last year’s Super Bowl, and who are favorites to get back to this year’s Title game, as they face the Broncos in Denver.  Even in Denver, the Pats are expected to win, as Bronco QB Peyton Manning just hasn’t been himself this season, and was less than impressive in their slim victory over Pittsburgh last weekend.

In two other pieces of Bruin Football news, Eric Kendricks was noted by ESPN as one of the best Rookies in the NFL, and the best, most impactful one on the Vikings, even more valuable than WR Stafon Diggs.  And, more importantly, for the current Bruins, QB Josh Rosen was named by CBS as the National Freshman of the Year.  Congrats to Josh.  If he is the National Sophomore of the Year next season, maybe the Bruins can have a year that is less depressing than last year.  Of course, that would require a victory in the Rivalry Game.

Speaking of the Rivalry, I am NOT happy about Coach Mora appointing (promoting) an unqualified ex-trojan to Offensive Coordinator.  But I am not going to go on the warpath.  I will wait and see how he does.  But he has never done it before, so my expectations are low.  I do understand that he is a respected Assistant Coach who favors strength and power above all else, which is good.  He is also a highly-respected RECRUITER, and that is the area where the Bruins MUST succeed and improve.  So I will hold my contempt for a while, and see what happens.  I just hope he doesn’t recruit trojan-level STUDENTS, who don’t think they have to go to class to be Bruins.  At UCLA, 1+3=4.

Finally, congrats also go out to Bruins Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook, for their selection as finalists for the 2016 Olympics!