Dealer, or no Dealer:  Pete Carroll scores ex-trojan Kevin Ellison for the Seahawks, despite Ellison’s recent arrest for Speeding through a School Zone with a bag of 100 Vicodin

“Character Counts,” unless you are a trojan.  Go ahead — Break the law, do drugs, sell drugs, endanger little kids’ lives… and then when you get busted and fired, just Go See Carroll, Go See Carroll, Go See Carroll, and he will bail you out of trouble.

Pete Carroll doesn’t care if you have any Integrity —  Can you cover a Wide Receiver one-on-one?  Carroll doesn’t care if you’re illegally ingesting banned substances — What’s your best time in the 40-yard dash?  And Carroll doesn’t care if you murder two people  —  Can you give a good pep talk to the team?  It should not be surprising that the Coach who paraded a double-murdering SCumbag into his locker room, was the SAME Coach who just picked up his former sc player Kevin Ellison, right after Ellison was unceremoniously dumped by San Diego.

You see, the Chargers weren’t interested in keeping Ellison, whom they axed after his arrest.  Apparently, San Diego felt that Speeding through a School Zone while transporting 100 Vicodin pills was grounds for termination, so they dropped him from the squad on Monday.  Then, on Tuesday, Carroll swept up Ellison, who is out on $10,000 Bail.  Carroll should just cut out the middleman and open up his own Bail Bonds shop.  Except Carroll may be TOO SLEAZY to be a Bail Bondsman.  He might lower the reputation of the entire industry.

Why would Carroll waste a roster spot on a guy with impending legal problems?  Could it be that Ellison is Carroll’s Connection?  Where do you think Carroll gets his Painkillers?   Or maybe Carroll used blatantly illegal inducements to recruit Ellison to sc, and he doesn’t want Ellison to go to the NCAA?  Maybe Ellison used his ONE PHONE CALL to BLACKMAIL Carroll into signing him?


On the Tonight Show Tuesday night, as a surprise for his first guest, Basketball/Laker fan Queen Latifah, Leno brought out former Bruin Star Jordan Farmar to shoot against her for charity. $5K for the winner’s charity.

After she bricked her 1st shot (she was wearing heels and was a little top-heavy), Farmar swished his. Then she missed her second, so Leno put a blindfold on Jordan. Farmar seemed caught off-guard, and didn’t really size it up before the blindfold went on, and he missed. Then she made one from close up.

Then Farmar takes his time, and, with the blindfold firmly in place, sinks the free throw. For the next round, Leno spun Jordan around three times with the blindfold on. JF asked if he could take a peek, but Leno said no, that he was facing the right direction… and Farmar swished the shot — to win five grand for the Jordan Farmar Foundation.

Also, Jay mentioned that Farmar went to UCLA, which got a little applause, which made Farmar chuckle.

Meanwhile, simultaneously on Letterman, Regis was on, talking about Cody Gifford, now following his dad’s footsteps at sc. Letterman thought that Frank Gifford went to JC and then sc,wondering if Cody did too, then realized that it wasn’t Frank whom he remembered transferring from J.C., it was O.J. Then Letterman said, continuing in the theme of footstep-following, that “O.J. went on to bigger and better things.”


If you haven’t noticed already, there is a new page on this site called “Cheer HoF.”  The link is near the top of the page.  It is my brand new UCLA Cheerleader Hall of Fame — a collection of my all-time favorite photos, out of the thousands and thousands of photos that I have taken over the last 6+ years.  I am just getting started, and it is definitely a work in progress, but there are about 27 shots up already, with more getting injected into the mix (not necessarily at the bottom) almost every day, until I go through all of my archives.  You can comment on the pics individually, and you can write to me if you want to make a donation and receive selected full-sized originals via e-mail.   


2 responses to “DEALER CHOICE”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    peewee just wants Ellison on the payroll so he’ll keep his mouth shut. Go get ’em peewee!

  2. Jake Avatar

    Well if players can rape women (Ben) and still find work, then a little drug arrest is nothing (Ellison)

    [T-H’s Note: Whoa. That may be a little harsh. I only make those kind of assumptions about ex-trojans.]