“We don’t need no education!”

“Weezy Rider” has bigger fish to fry in the kitchen, and troy’s beans got burned on the grill, when they had to find out from the NBA that Jefferson’s finally got a piece of the pie

So when a trojan stabs usc in the back, shouldn’t he become a Bruin Hero?  No, because he’s still a trojan — a trojan who just happened to make one good decision.


Trojan Freshman Davon Jefferson has declared for the NBA Draft, AND signed with an agent, thus permanently ending his “career” at Figueroa Tech.  It’s hard to find one single Draft expert who agrees with us that this is a wise decision.  Jefferson was not exactly consistent in terms of being NBA material, really just having one game (in Pauley) where he looked worthy of a high-risk draft pick.

So it looks like Davon will NOT get Drafted in the First Round, thus costing him millions, based on how improved his draft status would have been next year.  But Jefferson doesn’t care — He just HAD to escape the shackles — and classrooms — of South Central.  Apparently, Jefferson is still furious for the way he was disciplined by Tim Floyd at the beginning of the year.  When Jefferson screwed up, Floyd benched him, and now, declaring for the Draft without telling Floyd was PAYBACK for that suspension.

The other alleged reason for the shrouded nature of Jefferson’s decision was his inability to stay academically eligible.  Supposedly, Jefferson was virtually failing out of school, and might not have qualified to play next year, and a recent inability to fix a grade or something of that nature that just happened forced him to bail at the last second, with no time to officially inform the school first.

Better yet, if it’s a combination of them both:  He was failing out, and KNEW it, but didn’t tell Floyd or Taj Gibson, just to screw them over.  Now Floyd looks like a clueless Coach who is despised by his own star Player, and Taj Gibson has to come back and play on another lousy team that will be LUCKY to get knocked out of the Tournament in the First Round, like they did this year.  No doubt Gibson would have high-tailed it out of there if he knew that Davon was Leave-on.  And if incoming high-profile Recruit Demar Derozan knew that Mayo and Jefferson were both going to skip town, he would have probably gone anywhere else that he could find.  Wanna get away??

And speaking of wanna get away, ex-trojan Pitcher Barry Zito just became one one of the biggest financial busts in Baseball History, by losing his first six starts of the season, despite sky-high expectations.  His ERA is sky high though, at over 7 and a half, so the Giants have finally pulled the plug, and relegated him to the Purgatory of The Bullpen.  Zito is furious, but he knows that he can’t do anything about it, except pitch better, in Relief, mop-up duty.

Also having a brutally tough month is honorary trojan Jason Kidd.  Arrogant trojan-like Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks traded for Kidd late in the season, and Kidd, who’s wife-beating and accident-fleeing history earned him a spot in the honorary trojan list, immediately destroyed the Mavericks, who never beat a good team once he arrived.  They dropped in the standings, and then, in the Postseason, with Kidd disappointing in almost every game, they got eliminated by New Orleans 4 games to 1.

Also going down in 5 games was Shaquille O’Neal, another persona non grata around here — for badmouthing L.A. after fleeing town.  O’Neal was another late-season trade that was supposed to seriously shake up the Playoffs.  But San Antonio blew Phoenix away, and now Shaq can watch Kobe’s continuing march through the Postseason, because the Lakers were the only team to pull off a late season trade — for Pau Gasol — that ACTUALLY helped the team. 

By the way, Bruin Trevor Ariza will be re-joining the Lakers in their Second Round match-up with the Utah/Houston winner, so if the Lakers win it all – an outcome that looks a lot more likely now that Boston appears mortal with two straight losses to Atlanta — there will be THREE BRUINS getting Rings:  Ariza, Jordan Farmar, and Assistant Coach Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  And if they don’t win it all, maybe they’ll add Kevin Love, to get them over the hump in 2009.

A deluxe apartment in the sky?  There ain’t nothing wrong with that!

 Tonight’s the big night.  Good luck to all!!! 



  1. Brent Fishman Avatar
    Brent Fishman

    To your comment about Love since he will be mid-late 1st round. How about a 2nd round pick if Shipp jumps Ship( No pun intended….) here’s looking at the Laker Line-up

    C- Love
    PF- The Great Wall of Gasol
    Sf- Shipp
    Looks pretty good if you ask me 🙂

  2. Dan Avatar

    BRIANNA doesn’t need LUCK…

    Go Bruins!!!!!!!!!!! Go UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bruin Brandon Avatar
    Bruin Brandon

    Hey, if you’re going to talk about the MLB, how bout giving some props to Bruin Bombers Chase Utley and Garrett Atkins. They’re on fire.

  4. james p Avatar
    james p

    Haha.. i like your thinking, but if i’m not mistaken, Lakers traded their first round pick for Gasol. So unless Lakers trade for another first-round pick, they’re sadly more likely to pick up Davon Jefferson than K.Love or R.Westbrook.

  5. Brent Fishman Avatar
    Brent Fishman

    Why do you think i didn’t mention Bynum 😉 We don’t need Westbrook though we got Farmar and they wouldn’t get Jeff since they have Kobe at 2 and can only have 1 selfish person who always needs the ball 2 wouldn’t be possible.