The bigger the Cushing, the better the pushing.

Ex-trojan’s NFL career could go six feet under, after the Juicer from Juice U. gets squeezed with a 4-game suspension for Steroids

Another trojan Award Winner who should give the Award BACK.  First Bush, now Cush.

The NFL’s current Defensive Rookie of the Year (and ex-trojan) Brian Cushing has just been suspended for 4 games for violating the League’s Steroid Abuse Policy.  Cushing was actually busted months ago, but he APPEALED the ruling, and the Appeal was just denied.

Cushing has been the subject of Steroid accusations for years.  There were actually EXTREMELY-CONVINCING before-and-after photos of him floating around the Internet while he was starring at usc… Even before that, while a prep in New Jersey, there were suspicions.  But sc took him anyway, and apparently looked the other way as he and teammates like Brandon Hancock continued to bulk up like they were the victims of a nuclear accident.  And that is giving sc the benefit of the doubt. 

A more scathing attack would claim that the Ting brothers, who also played for Pete Carroll at sc, provided direct access to the Performance-Enhancing Drugs.  The Tings’ father was allegedly one of the masterminds behind the Steroid Rage of Barry Bonds.  Also, the Tings mysteriously quit the Football team amidst swirling mistrust, after one of them was supposedly about to be declared ineligible.

When Cushing was attending the NFL Draft Combine last year before getting selected by the Texans, there was an article saying that Cushing and fellow ex-trojan Clay Matthews both tested positive for PED’s,  At the time, Pete Carroll went nuts, accusing the authors of false reporting and shameful behavior.  If Carroll wants to be mad at someone, he should try the guys who were supposed to cover up the SECOND positive test, like they apparently buried the first one.

And that was not the first time that Cushing and Matthews have been accused of being a matched pair of scumbags.  A few years ago, Matthews and Cushing (and Dallas Sartz) helped start up a WHITE POWER group on the Internet.  Since guys in White Power groups don’t need their testicles, it’s no wonder that they don’t mind when they shrivel up — as expected — from Steroid abuse.

Of course Cushing will probably tell you that the whole Neo-Nazi thing was just a little joke between friends.  Okay, so maybe these trojans aren’t really skinheads — Just guys who think that hanging Black people is hilarious fodder for humor.  It was all about CHARACTER at Carroll’s usc.  And I bet Kiffin’s standards are much lower.

And now, just what Cushing needed:  An EXCUSE for his Racism.  Since he can no longer DENY his Steroid abuse (except laughably), now he can say that the Steroids were messing with his mind.  That could also explain why he chose to go to sc in the first place (since he was supposedly already shooting up).  Or maybe they were the only school willing to ignore the obvious signs.  OR, maybe they were the only ones to ENCOURAGE it, and guarantee an unending supply and no consequences in the future.  When “Always Compete” and “Anything for the Team” and “Win at All Costs” are your mottos, Steroid Use is a huge plus.  And apparently, the “COST,” is ONLY 4 NFL games.  And there was NO cost while at sc, since schools do their own testing.  And it’s just 4 games — It’s not like he had a clean reputation to be ruined, like Manny Ramirez.  And speaking of Manny being Manny, will Cushing be any good at all if he returns to he pre-‘roid size and strength?  Will his whole body shrink like a certain part of him quite-possibly already has?  And what did his Linebacker Coach at sc, Ken Norton jr., teach him, while spending all that time with him but never noticing the freakish metamorphosis?  

And these questions apply only if Cushing actually STOPS taking the PED’s now that he’s been caught once.  He COULD still be just arrogant enough to think he can still get away with it, either by using masking agents, or by bribing NFL Officials.  Just because a trOJan is caught once, doesn’t mean that he cleans up his act.  And what does he have to lose?  It is highly doubtful that an all-natural Cushing will have a long career in the Pro’s.  Maybe he can move from Linebacker to Safety. 

You know who should be mad, besides Cushing’s Significant Other?  Ex-Oregon Duck Jairus Byrd.  Why?  Because Byrd, a Safety for Buffalo, finished second behind Cushing in the voting for Defensive Rookie of the Year.  And since it seems pretty safe to assume that Cushing was hopped up on drugs during last season, Byrd is the one who deserves that trophy, just like trojan-killer Vince Young deserves the Heisman that now erroneously resides with the soon-to-be-declared-ineligible Reggie Bush.

Below are 3 more click-to-enlarge photos, with pop-up captions, of Brian Cushing while at sc.  No Cheer photos, because I got an e-mail, possibly from a Cheer member, that made me upset, and I’m hoping for a response to my (private) reply before I post any more pics.  If I don’t get a reply, I’ll assume it was a joke, and return to normal operation, soon.

NFL will Couch Cushing for 4 games!

It that a muscle, or did a gerbil migrate north?

…and here is that famous before-and-after photo that convinced everyone outside of usc that the trojans still know how to Cheat On!

“Tingin’ in the Reign, just Tingin’ in the Reign.  What a glorious feeling, I’m hopped up again.”

And one last note:  I just heard that scumbag crybaby Mark Cuban is joining forces with trojan sleazeball Joe Francis to make a Girls Gone Wild Reality Show for Cuban’s Television Network HDNet.  I’ve always said Cuban was full of it, and what more proof do you need than for Cuban to join forces with a guy accused of Abusing Children with Sex and Alcohol, not to mention Federal Tax Fraud.  That being said, I can’t wait for the first episode!!!!!  Just don’t support any of the sponsors (if there are any), don’t buy the DVD’s, and don’t tell any of the TV Ratings companies that you watched it.


8 responses to “CUSHING UP DAISIES”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    I was waiting for this one T-H when I first heard about this: served right over the plate and blasted a homer!! One of your best ever! The sc football fans should sue the school for fraud because that’s all the program is.

    Funny you mentioned the Ting’s. I remember one of the doofs goes through spring ball, gets busted for steroids and then decides to “retire” from football to “concentrate on med school” or something like that. Last I heard they’re trying to get into the modeling scene. Like I said, sc football is just a complete fraud. Deal with it trojans!

    Keep ’em coming T-H! You ROCK Bro!!! GO BRUINS!

  2. SVCATOSCMO Avatar

    Don’t feel too bad for Jairus Byrd. He was a successful QB at a St. Louis area high school before going on to Oregon, so he’s undoubtedly a great athlete, and should have quite an NFL career.

    As for Cushing, for anyone old enough to remember, can you say Mark Fidrych? Can’t wait for the suc penalties.

  3. WE ARE SC Avatar

    In all fairness, your comment about Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy belonging to Vince Young is ridiculous. Yes, he had a good junior season, but you don’t give a Heisman to someone with ONE stellar title game performance. Bush had a long line of outstanding performances ON THE FIELD that earned him that trophy. He was the best player in college football and will remain recognized as one of the best running backs in college football. Lukcy for you, both Bush and Young have underachieved at the NFL level, so you can’t even go there. But to reiterate my point, you’re a moron for thinking Vince Young deserved a Heisman over what Bush did for that USC offense. Just because UCLA doesn’t get Heisman-caliber players doesn’t mean you should resort to bashing USC’s talented players. I understand you’re an uber-bruin-fan, but get a clue, man. FIGHT ON!!!

    [T-H’s Note: As usual, the trojan completely MISSES THE POINT!!! I never said VY was a better college player than Push. However, VY was ELIGIBLE, and Reggie wasn’t. The Heisman people do not give Awards to ineligible players, so they will soon be taking Reggie’s trophy away from him. And since Vince finished second in the balloting, shouldn’t he get to have the hardware? Maybe you can go buy O.J.’s Heisman at an auction, and donate it to Reggie, so he doesn’t have a big empty space on his mantle. By the way, Young is IMPROVING in the Pro’s. Can’t say that about the ex-Mr. Kardashian]

  4. Robert Avatar

    I love it! SCum just can’t seem to stay of trouble. What a joke of a football program, and what a joke of the majority of their fans – not all, some do have class.

    Why is the NCAA taking so long to announce something they should have anounced a long time ago? – the death penalty to their program (wishful thinking).

  5. JosephineBruin Avatar

    only 4 games? cheat on

  6. Jake Avatar

    I knew he was too big….. and ugly …

  7. WE ARE SC Avatar

    Bush isn’t improving!?! The Saints won the SUPER BOWL!! Hahaha. And again, YOU’RE missing the point. “Eligible” or not, Bush was the best player in the country ON THE FIELD, not to mention he won in a LANDSLIDE. VY wasn’t even close. It was the most lopsided in history. What does THAT say? Stop freaking whining about where his parents lived or what he drove. He was better than any player UCLA could ever get and that drives you crazy. Fight on! Ps. Block me. You block what you don’t want to hear, right?

    [T’H’s (final) Note (to this raging SCumbag): Bush was totally meaningless to NO’s win. It was all Brees, and then a big INT that cost Indy the game. Bush made ONE good play all game long, and he would NOT have been missed. He was the Saints’ “LVP.” That’s “Least Valuable Player.” And you are still missing the point about his college days: If it weren’t for all the illegal inticements, he never would have played for usc. If Adrian Peterson went under cover and played for the trogans next year and gained 2000 yards and scored 30 Touchdowns, would he deserve the Heisman? You probably think he would. And as far as blocking you, you’re right. I will indeed block you now, because this site does NOT WELCOME trojans, and because “I don’t like to hear” idiotic bullsh!t.]

  8. Rick Avatar

    Reggie Bush is just another steroid-enhanced, morally challenged, trojan loser. I’ll take a stand-up pro star like Maurice Jones-Drew over him any day. Bruins rule.