Classless Owner and his wife-beating Point Guard are beneficiaries of another total choke by the NBA’s so-called Super Team, as over-rated choker LeBron James will now take his talents on vacation

So much for the Miami Heat stacking the deck and buying an NBA Championship.  For the 3rd game in a row, LeBron James played well below his potential, especially in the 4th Quarters, and Miami missed 13 Free Throws on the way to a 105-95 loss.  The loss clinched the Series for Dallas, 4-2.

It’s nice to see the Entitled Ones blow the Title, but it’s a shame that the trophy had to fall into the laps of the Mavericks, who are run by loudmouth punk Mark Cuban, and run on the floor by convicted wife-beater Jason Kidd. At least Cuban kept his trap shut during this Series, and Kidd, who was also convicted of leaving the scene of an injury accident, was definitely NOT one of the Star players in this Series.  He wasn’t even one of the three best Guards on his own team.  Dirk Nowitsky started out 1-13 from the floor, before finally snapping out of his funk to score 10 in the final period, solidifying his deserving of the Series MVP award.  However, it was Jason Terry who carried Dallas for three quarters, scoring 19 early points, as Dallas took a 9 point lead into the 4th.  Miami cut the deficit to 4 early in the last period, before falling apart.  Unforced errors by James and Dwyane Wade led to a surge by the Mavs that put the game away.

Now that the season is over, all eyes are on the NBA Draft, which will be held on June 23rd, with Bruins Malcolm Lee and Tyler Honeycutt jockeying for position.  They are both expected to be picked either late in the 1st Round or early in the 2nd.  Nikola Vucevic from u$c is also projected to be picked in that range, which means that he will be taking a massive pay cut from last year.  Hopefully, he will NOT get selected by the Lakers, who are still owned by a huge sc booster, although they haven’t had a single trojan on their roster in recent memory.  Maybe the Mavs will take him, and groom him to be the next Nowitsky — a foreign big man with a reputation for being soft, but who can shoot well from outside.  Or maybe Miami will pick him up — They need any help they can get.